GDPR journey to compliance

Helping Vuzion partners support their customers' journey to GDPR compliance

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation came into force 25 May 2018, and  a game-changer for how organisations store, manage and process personal data.

The regulation affects countries within the EU zone and those outside and processing EU citizens' data. The UK government had fully committed to implementing GDPR by 25 May 2018, and 7 August 2017 released details of the UK Data Protection Bill, which will "bring the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in UK law," (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport).

Vuzion's Customer Journey to GDPR Compliance is a guide to help Vuzion partners support their customers as they work to meet GDPR requirements, incorporating activities hosted by GDPR consultants.

For more information about GDPR, visit our GDPR Hub.

Vuzion's Customer GDPR Journey Package

Vuzion's GDPR compliance support package has been created to help you support your customers as they work towards meeting GDPR requirements. 

Support services are delivered by a Vuzion partner, independent GDPR consultants, who were selected for their breadth of expertise and experience. The package has been created to enable you to offer activities and services according to the need of the individual customer.

Download a copy of the brochure, GDPR: Journey to Compliance (support package for your customers)

1. Understand the Requirements

Created to enable you to help your customers understand the terms of the regulation and what they mean for organisations in the UK, and to evaluate their current state of GDPR readiness.

Support for phase 1:

✔ Vuzion's eBook, GDPR: A Guide for Vuzion Partners

✔ Awareness Workshop (1 day), to enable key stakeholders to understand what GDPR is, and its likely impace on business

✔ Readiness Assessment (3-5 days), a high level review of GDPR readiness, conducted by reference to the ICO's '12 steps to take now' checklist

✔ Security Posture Review (5 days), a detailed assessment of security posture - covering policy process and technology platforms

2. Define and Implement

Phase 2 incorporates Vuzion's GDPR practioners' consultancy offerings covering the design and implementation of a compliance framework, and your services to advise on technology.

Support for phase 2:

✔ GDPR Readiness Scoping & Design Consultancy, a service via which the scope of compliance for the individual customer is defined, a compliance framework and roadmap created, along with an implementation programme

✔ GDPR Consultancy Implementation, during which the GDPR consultants work with the organisation to implement the compliance framework designed in the previous stage, managing full implementation or on a 'light touch' basis

✔ Technical advice - this is your opportunity as the business's trusted advisor to support your customers with the identification for solutions, services and applications to help them meet compliance requirements, with the Vuzion team available to advise you as required

3. Data Protection Managed Services

Consultancy services from phase 3 incorporate ongoing data protection managed services and support services, including DPO(Data Protection Officer)-as-a-Service.


Support your customers on their GDPR journey

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