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The answer is Azure. What's the question?

Utilise the power of Azure, with the UK's fastest growing Azure Indirect Provider


We believe that Microsoft Azure offers unequalled hybrid and cloud capabilities and is the cloud platform for the modern business.

"80% of UK Microsoft partners do not currently consume Azure services"

Source: Microsoft

To help partners take advantage of these lucrative new revenue streams, we've:

  • developed a number of Azure-based services for partners to offer customers,
  • and created a training and enablement stream to help you build your cloud practice, identify opportunity, win customers and support their cloud journey.


Vuzion Azure services

Capability - building up Azure expertise can take time. Capacity -  adding capabilities to the portfolio of solutions you're already delivering can be a challenge. Delivered by Vuzion's team of Azure experts, Vuzion's Azure services make it easy to start realising the potential of Azure. 

Identity & Access Management

Synchronising on-premises Active Directory accounts to Azure Active Directory

Infrastructure Modernisation

Move on-premises IT infrastructure to Azure with our 'Lift, Shift and Optimise' services

Database Modernisation

Move SQL Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 workloads to Azure

Cloud Backup

Protect and restore customers' on-premises or cloud data

Disaster Recovery

Getting your customers back up and running following a critical incident

Remote Desktop

Your customers' Windows desktop in the cloud

Vuzion Azure Managed Services

Created to enable partners to provide comprehensive ongoing solution support and peace of mind for customers, through provision of:

  • Advanced monitoring and management
  • Orchestrated platform maintenance
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Reactive support
  • Recommendation implementation
  • Service management

Choose from a number of plans to give customers the support and service to suit their individual need.

Don't just take our word for it... Jellyfish showcases the power of Azure

Technology is an essential tool for Jellyfish as a visual effects and animation company, and using Azure has made it easier than ever for the artists to unleash their creativity. "Disruption for the better" - Phil Dobree, Jellyfish Pictures CEO.

See how our partners at Jellyfish showcase the power of Azure.

The Azure Deal

Visualise the power of Azure with 'The Azure Deal'. This comprehensive deck of 132 playing cards illustrates each component of Azure, helping you to articulate the power, breadth and depth of the Azure platform and all it can offer your customers.

Visualise the power of Azure for your customers

Show the art of the possible

Highlight the hybrid capabilities

Share next gen cloud services such as AI and machine learning

Get The Azure Deal deck today and transform the way you sell Azure.


Microsoft Azure - First Conversation Guide

If you’re new to selling Azure, this is a must read. Outlining a step-by-step approach to communicating opportunities with Azure to customers not currently utilising its power.

The guide identifies 5 paths that can be used to introduce value and benefit statements for various Azure scenarios, set out in an easy to read key question and answer format, along with benefits associated with:

  • Cost
  • Scalability and seasonality
  • Security and maintenance, a section on ‘dispelling the myths’ about cloud.

Azure GTM Workshops

Azure delivers business agility to your customers, and up to 50% margin to you.

to help you develop your Azure practice, we've created a FREE half-day 1-to-1 workshop.

We'll come to you and work with you to assess your customers' pain points and how they can be resolved using Azure.

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The Vuzion difference

Working together to deliver business success, utilising the power of the cloud

Cloud expertise

We invest in developing our skills, so we can help you deliver yours


20+ years working directly with customers - we understand the challenges you face

More than a disti

We work with you, to help you grow and deliver business success

Growing together

We have the UK's fastest growing Azure ecosystem - the biggest opportunity in cloud

Getting you started

With our range of Azure packaged offerings and our managed services

24*7 support

In today's world of always-on technology, 9-5 doesn't cut it - we provide 24*7 UK-based support

Find out how Vuzion can help you build your Azure practice