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The next generation control panel from Vuzion

If you don't yet have a Vuzion CORE account, speak with any of the Vuzion team on 0333 009 5938 or email - 
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Vuzion CORE has been developed in response to partner feedback, to give our partners and partners' customers an enhanced user experience. Utilising new, next-generation technology, we have redesigned the dashboard and created a cleaner interface for a more efficient user experience, optimised to help improve productivity.

Vuzion CORE is available for partners to use on request, and initially for new customers consuming:

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Azure


Want to get started on Vuzion CORE?


Our new control panel is designed to be intuitive to use. But, to make sure that getting started is straightforward and hassle-free, we've created a set of easy to follow instructions. Please select from the list below:


If you've not found a document to answer a particular question, please fill out the support form below, or give us a call on 0333 009 5939 or email

And if you're a Vuzion partner with customers set up on the Odin 6 Control Panel, please note that these customers will remain on that panel until later in the year. Again, if you've any questions, please do speak to us (0333 009 5939 or

What does Vuzion CORE look like?

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Additional information 



In December 2017 we hosted a webinar to launch the new Vuzion control panel, looking at layout and design, major features, the provisioning and billing experiences, and incorporated a Q&A session. If you were unable to attend - or attended and would like to re-view the webinar, please use the link below to access the recording.


Vuzion CORE - FAQs

Our factsheet - which gives answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new panel, may also be a useful read.