The panel has been created to give our partners and partners’ customers an enhanced user experience, utilising new, next-generation technology.

We’ve collated the most frequently asked questions about the new panel into this FAQ factsheet, and which will hopefully address any questions you might have. But, if you have questions additional to those listed below, the Vuzion Team will be happy to help – call +353 168 561 91 or email 

1. What do I need to do to start using Vuzion CORE?

Contact your account manager to request setup on the new panel.

Once we’ve approved your request, we will send you the direct debit mandate for signing. Once this is complete, we will send you a username and password for Vuzion CORE - and you then have access to Vuzion CORE and the ability to start buying on behalf of your customers.

2. Will I be able to brand my panel pages?

Panel branding will be available per reseller later in 2018. Until then, the Vuzion CORE branded control panel will be available for transacting. 

3. When will I be able to use the new panel for existing customers?

Your existing customers will continue to use the current control panel for the time being. We will begin a programme of work to move all Office 365 customers across to the new control panel as a first phase.

4. What will happen to my existing customers with Azure or Acronis? Will they be migrated across, and if so, when?

Acronis and Azure customers will follow on to the new control panel once the programme to move Office 365 customers is complete.

5. What do I do if a customer wants Office 365 and the offer is not available through Vuzion CORE?

We aim to put all offers for Office 365 into the new control panel, focusing on the core and popular offers in the first instance. If you find that a particular Office 365 offer is not in the panel, please put a request into your partner account manager who will arrange for it to be input as a priority.

6. Will Vuzion CORE mean a different experience for me and for my customers?

The new customer control panel (CCP) has been designed to give a more intuitive buying and managing experience for end customers and for you as a reseller buying on behalf of your customers. Every customer provisioned on the new panel will immediately see the benefit of this new experience.

7. Do I have to use Vuzion CORE, or can I continue to use the current panel?

We recommend that you start to use Vuzion CORE for all new customers, to enable them to start benefitting from the much-improved new panel experience. 

8. When do I have to stop using the old panel?

The retirement date for the old panel will be announced later in 2018.

9. Is further information available?

We hosted a webinar in December 2017, looking at the layout and design of the new panel, major features, and the provisioning and billing experiences, and incorporating a Q & A session. We recorded the webinar, which is available for viewing - Introduction to Your New Vuzion Control Panel.  

We will also be hosting introductory and training webinars in the coming months - details will be announced shortly. 

10. Will I receive two invoices while using the two different panels?

During the transitional phase of having customers managed out of two control panels, you will receive two invoices, one for each panel. When we upgrade your existing customers to the new panel you will revert to one invoice for all your transactions.

If you’ve any further questions, contact any of the Vuzion Team on +353 168 561 91, or email

March 2017