5 marketing activities MSPs should focus on right now

Lucy Roberts
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Lucy Roberts, Vuzion's Partner Marketing Manager, writes …

The Coronavirus crisis has thrown the world into uncertainty, leaving many businesses concerned about their futures. ‘Business as usual’ might seem impossible. But it is vital to keep regular operations and activities running to keep your business stable during challenging times.
Marketing might be at the back of your mind, but the right activities will increase the loyalty of your existing customers and potentially drive new business on the other side of the pandemic.


1. Retain your existing customer base

Put simply, “it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain and grow the lifetime value of a current customer” (martechseries.com). In the current climate, you should be doing everything in your power to support your existing customers; call them regularly, and pop them an informal email to see how they are getting on with working from home.

Many of us are dealing with new working environments - that likely come with children, pets, or other home life distractions – and some of your customers are probably starting to get annoyed regularly. Do they have the right technology to work from home? Is their data secure? Find out what struggles they are facing and solve them. If you look after your existing customers during this challenging time, they will give more loyalty back to you once the coronavirus storm has passed, and more business.

At a time like this you should be doing everything in your power to support your existing customers: call them regularly, and pop them an informal email to see how they are getting on with working from home.

2. Re-market to previous website visitors

Those customers or prospects that visited your Microsoft Teams web page a few months ago? Now is a great time to get back in touch. Re-marketing is highly cost effective, because you are essentially putting a relevant call to action in front of people who have already shown interest.

There are lots of different platforms that you can use to re-market to audiences – some of these include Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And the best bit? It’s easy to get started with re-marketing – all you need to do is the re-marketing code from the platform you’d like to re-market on and stick it on your website!

Once the code has been installed on your site, you can start defining the audience you’d like to re-market to – this could be everyone who has been on the site, or people who have visited certain pages. You can also exclude visitors – for example, someone who has already download the guide you’re planning to advertise…you don’t want to pay for them!

As every platform is different, it’s worth checking the requirements for minimum audience sizes on each site.

3. Fix short-term problems

There are many small businesses, who you may not be working with yet, that need short-term problems fixing right now. It could be getting their team set up for home working or making sure their systems are backed up properly. It could even be advising on headsets and equipment for working at home. Whatever the problem, now is the time to become the problem-solver.

You can run adverts on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to find those business owners and managers that are frustrated and need help. Find them, fix their problem, and leave them with a call to action to get in touch if they need you. Cards on the table – a lot of these won’t be long-term opportunities, but a small number may eventually turn into secured customers and the rest are a good temporary revenue stream to offset any customer loss during the current pandemic.

4. Host a work from home Q&A webinar

A great way to give your customers a chance to ask some questions and maybe just get some reassurance is to host a webinar. Cover one or two hot topics (Microsoft Teams and security, for example) and then open the floor to Q&A. Answering your customers queries at a time like this can strengthen the backbone of your relationship with them. While a webinar might not win you any immediate business, it is also a great way to educate your prospects and position yourself as an expert. Use the webinar as a reason to connect with prospects and leads. You can record the webinar and publish it on your channels to customers can watch on demand.


5. Focus on data security

Lots of small businesses set themselves up for home working in a massive rush last week. How many of them will have cut corners in some way or not considered their security? How many employees don’t know that much about cyber security?

The media has reported on hackers doubling down on their efforts in the last few weeks, using Covid-19 as an opportunity to target individuals and small businesses. Check in with your customers about their security, send an email to your prospects and start sharing content via your channels*.

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