Change to date for end of legacy Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscription renewals

Clare Satchwell
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UPDATE: 29th June 2022
Microsoft has extended indefinitely the previously announced July 11th end of auto-renewals of legacy CSP subscriptions. Please be aware that you must still renew or move customers to NCE by the end of December 2022.  Read the latest Microsoft Partner Centre update HERE.

27th June 2022: Subscription Renewals Update

With the introduction of the New Commerce Experience (NCE), Microsoft announced the end for all CSP legacy subscriptions renewals (excluding Not for Profit & Education).  The date, the 11th July 2022 is rapidly approaching, and resellers need to plan and be ready to act.

Vuzion who have engaged with Microsoft on the NCE programme since the Azure variant was in beta has been working with partners to ensure that they are prepared and not caught out by auto renew being switched off. The change is however, bigger than just that as resellers will have to carefully review all subscriptions held by a customer to ensure that they have continuity of service when it is possible that the offer is different under NCE.

From 11th July 2022, any commercial seat-based legacy CSP subscriptions, that reach the end of their term, WILL NOT be automatically renewed. They must therefore be re-purchased in NCE or allowed to expire.

It is important to note that not all active legacy subscriptions need to be changed on 11th July 2022, they can be changed ahead of time or on their annual renewal (one year from purchase).  This means that if a subscription is due for renewal in September for example, then the change does not need to be made until then.

To encourage resellers to move their customers to NCE by December, Microsoft incentives will stop for resellers that receive them.

Most importantly resellers need to consider which term of NCE per seat they will renew their customers on.

Monthly Term – Paid & renewed monthly but 20% more expensive

Annual Term - Paid monthly but renewed annually with no downgrade or decrease in quantity allowed

Most offers can also be purchased on an annual contract paid annually and a small number of offers have a 36-month term

If you’d like more information on New Commerce Experience, please contact our Partner Team at 

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