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Daniel Tavares
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Daniel Tavares, Vuzion Business Development Manager, writes …

Companies of all sizes and sectors are making a fundamental shift from building IT, to consuming IT. However, the lack of cloud talent in-house, and the need for hybrid cloud models, may drive broader adoption of managed cloud offerings - especially among SMBs, and particularly for security.

The massive opportunity around cybersecurity is just the tip of the iceberg and continues to accelerate. MSPs need to create trust among their customers, and compelling offerings if they want to secure a share in this major growth opportunity and expand into other key areas such as collaboration, compliance, employee experience, to name just a few.

IT partners continue to face challenges imposed by the shortage of skilled talent. According to IPED Consulting, this talent shortage has been a huge barrier on IT Partner growth efforts, alongside marketing and operational maturity. Additionally, IPED found that 70% of MSPs expect continued growth of managed services for the next 12 to 18 months, while the top delivery model looking ahead is partner-managed-only - where the customer or vendor owns the equipment.

Small MSPs face a particular challenge due to a lack of resources allowing them to provide the end-to-end cybersecurity services that their customers need, but that’s where the Vuzion Partner Programme can help.

How to Build Your Practice

The first decision is to find the best platform on which to host your services. This needs to be capable of integrating the myriad of web technologies required to deliver a complete cybersecurity service.

According to CRN, Microsoft Cloud is the number one vendor of choice in the channel and is recognised as the best platform in helping MSPs to grow their business, followed by AWS, Cisco, Dell Technologies and GCP.

The next step is to develop a strategy and growth plan. Both Microsoft and Vuzion Partner programmes offer resources to help you determine what your service offerings should be and how to go to market.

The main steps are:

  1. Strategy definition
  2. Skills development
  3. Operationalise and go-to-market
Define a Strategy

In this phase you will analyse the market landscape and check the trends that best align with your strategy and target audience. Embrace the opportunity opened by hybrid-working, to help your customers first secure everything. Understanding their business challenges/requirements, you can then help to empower their employees, review their processes, and help them integrate the digital and physical aspects of the workplace.

Discover and explore products and solution capabilities such as Security and Identity,  Compliance, Collaboration, and Endpoint Modernisation for ongoing management. It is also important to align your strategy with the incentives and rebate programmes available to maximise your gains and reach new markets though co-selling with Microsoft.  You can also explore the Commercial Marketplace capabilities and get market insights using tools like Cloud Ascent, to better understand your opportunities.

Develop Skills

Develop or deepen your sales and technical teams’ skills and capabilities to differentiate your offering in the market and drive customer lifetime value. Get your skills and investments recognised through achieving certifications, competencies, and advanced specialisations.

  •  Create a skills development plan
  • Learn how to deliver workshops
  • Earn competencies and advanced specialisations

The Vuzion Edge programme and the Microsoft Learn platforms are two strong resources to support you and your end-customers on your learning and development plans.

Operationalise and Go-to-Market

Take the final steps to transition your practice from concept to reality. Leverage these resources to set your strategy in motion and accelerate your go-to-market efforts.

  • Create and publish your co-sell ready offer
  • Co-sell with Microsoft
  • Leverage demo tools
  • Create and utilise marketing collateral
Vuzion Partner Programme and the value adds for you…

The range of services offered in the Vuzion Partner Programme aims at adding value to support your business across the whole customer journey.  To find about more, visit the Vuzion Partner Portal:  Vuzion Portal

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In conclusion, partners that focus almost entirely on product revenue have the biggest barrier, and typically see margins in the range of 5–20%. Project services typically drive a range of approximately 35% gross margin, but this has been under pressure for some time.

This is a result of little differentiation in the channel, which has caused billable price points to hold steady over the past five or more years, while increasing salary and benefit costs of consultants and inflation have eroded profitability. This has caused, aggressive and entrepreneurial members of the channel to adapt and go after the higher margin opportunities of managed services, which generate on average 45% gross margin and packaged IP, which often exceeds 70%. It’s these partners who are setting themselves up to be rewarded and we want you to be one of them.

We’d love to work with you to help you grow your business, so for more information please contact us at:


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