Microsoft launches employee experience platform Viva

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Yesterday, Thursday 4 February 2021, Microsoft announced the launch of their new employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, and which will be delivered via Microsoft Teams and incorporate a wide range of third-party solutions.

Centred around the three main areas of promoting collaboration, learning and wellbeing, the aim is to enable organisations to create a “thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders.

Microsoft research has identified that:

  • Organisations with a highly engaged workforce demonstrate 21% greater profitability
  • Employees who are highly engaged are 12 times less likely to leave their jobs
  • 94% of employees remain longer in jobs when working for a company invested in their learning and development
  • 86% of top-performing companies report that digital training programmes boost the engagement and performance of their workforce.

Michael Frisby, Vuzion MD, says, “The platform has been created in response to the changing needs of organisations, and in particular to those resulting from the move to remote working in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with an eye to a future with the majority of businesses utilising a hybrid model of working practices.

"Microsoft Viva represents a fantastic opportunity for partners to build deeper relationships and solutions for their customers, helping to increase employee engagement and wellbeing along with creating streamlined workflows on an employee experience platform, designed for the hybrid workforce in a digital era.”

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Microsoft launches Microsoft Viva

 Microsoft Viva will be delivered as four inter-related solutions – Connections, Insights, Topics and Learning.


Microsoft: Almost 60% of surveyed workers report feeling less connected to their team while remote working.

Connections is all about enabling employees to easily find relevant communications and join appropriate communities, promoting a culture of inclusion, and helping to replace the in-person forums lost to remote working - face-to-face meetings, networking events, conferences, and the ad-hoc hallway chats.


Microsoft: 70% of employees interviewed for a mental health study report higher stress levels, with 40% experiencing poorer mental health.

Insights centres around helping to create improved work habits, through the delivery of personalised insights and actionable recommendations. Emphasis is on developing work patterns that support mental health, ensuring employees work smart not harder, and make the most of their time. Management and leadership insights ensure support for employee wellbeing on a team and company-wide basis.


Microsoft: Employees spend on average one hour every day - equating to up to seven weeks a year - searching for or recreating information.

Microsoft describes the knowledge and expertise pillar as “a Wikipedia for the organisation”, with AI turning content into usable knowledge, and information and content organised into topic pages to be easily accessible.


Microsoft: 79% of CEOs across the globe identify a lack of essential skills across their workforce representing a barrier to future growth.

The skilling and growth pillar is designed to ensure that learning becomes a natural part of every employee’s day, with employees learning from a variety of sources, from colleagues and corporate content to participation in formal programmes delivered by premium providers of content and online courses.

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva - Product Overview

Microsoft Viva - Product Overview

Solutions within the Microsoft Viva ecosystem:

Microsoft Viva is designed to bring together different workplace streams within the business, and incorporates integration with a number of third-party solutions.

Microsoft Viva solutions

Microsoft Viva roll-out

Microsoft will be making different elements of the Viva platform available over the coming months.

  • Topics is now generally available
  • Insights is available in public preview
  • Learning is available via private preview
  • Details for the availability of Connections are to be announced.
For more information …

You can find more details on the Microsoft Viva webpage, and at Vuzion, we’ll be bringing updates as they’re announced and readiness activities to help partners take advantage of the emerging employee experience opportunity.

In the meantime, if you’ve any questions, or would like to speak with one of our Microsoft specialists, do get in touch - call +353 1 695 0093 or email - we’ll be happy to help.

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Microsoft launches employee experience platform Viva

Delivered via Microsoft Teams and incorporating a wide range of third-party solutions.