Remote Working

Everything you need to support your customers while they work from home.

Working from home is now the new 'norm'.

The COVID-19 lockdown is in full swing in the UK and Ireland, and millions of business have transitioned to working from home in the last few weeks. Given the current climate,working from home is likely to be the new ‘norm’ for a while. 

At Vuzion, we know the importance of taking care of your customers right now. Offering them first-class support and expert advice is priority number one, but that can be difficult when your business has also been disrupted.

That's why we've created this 'Remote Working' hub - all the guidance you need to give both you and your customers peace of mind whilst working from home.

Microsoft Teams

Designed to be a ‘virtual office’, Teams focuses on enabling remote collaboration and offers features that are more important than ever during the lockdown; seamless video calling, easy chat, file sharing and collaborative working channels, to name a few. Microsoft has also enhanced the security and privacy of Teams, securing the software against increasing coronavirus-related cyber threats.

Home working-Beginners guide to Teams

If you're looking to implement teams for you or your customers, our Quick start guide should be your first stop to understand the basics.

Home working-Teams for departments

Whether it's you or your customer - different departments use Teams in different ways - check out our top tips!

Home working-Teams page

Microsoft Teams is changing the way businesses work. Discover how to empower your customers to work wherever, whenever with teams.

Remote Working with Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a cost effective, secure remote desktop and application cloud virtualization service that runs in Microsoft Azure. It’s an easy-to-set up, bolt-on-solution to existing IT infrastructure, which lets you create virtual desktops for your customer, with all the governance and security roles at your control - just as if you are providing them with their own individual computer. 

WVD delivers the best Windows 10 desktop experience and enables remote working employees to access data and applications on companies on-premises servers. The solution means that companies can keep data in-house but provide also provide secure access to those who need it, using any device with a web-browser, including tablets, providing convenience of use for all.

Whatever remote working solution you need the Vuzion team of experts are here to help


Business Voice

Being able to communicate easily and still have access to all your files and data is absolutely vital to remote working successfully. Microsoft Teams has incredible functionality that allows you and your employees to work together through chat, online meetings, document collaboration, file sharing and phone calls — from any device. 

From deployment to user-training, we can help your business continue on as normal. We know it works because that's how the Vuzion team are working right now!

What's more, you can experience Microsoft Teams for free with a 6-month trial.

Vuzion-M365 Business Voice

The Importance of Security

For most businesses, the transition to working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown was sudden. As a result, many of your customers may have been left with compromised security.

With small businesses facing high levels of vulnerability, and a rise in COVID-19 related cyber attacks, it is more important then ever to help your customers secure their businesses.

How can you help your customers stay secure?

Helping customers to build a security strategy suitable for their business will ensure they aren't at risk.

The strategy should include:

  • Layered security services and technology solutions.
  • Employee training (focused on human-error attacks like phishing and social engineering).
  • Security process and protocols embedded into the company culture..
Vuzion can fully support you, with advice on solutions, training options and collateral - just get in touch.


It has never been more important for you to help your customers work remotely. For some businesses delivering differently is currently the only choice, the ability to digitise documents with DocuSign can be an essential part of this change. DocuSign is a globally recognised cloud-based system for electronically signing documents that helps companies manage digital workflows. 

DocuSign can be transformational for your customers and can help businesses achieve broader modernisation goals well beyond COVID-19.

Cloud Infrastructure

Not even the largest enterprise's on-premises systems can match Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure. Putting applications and data in Azure unlocks a host of service options that make small companies feel like Fortune 500 players.

Cloud Server

Vuzion’s Cloud Server solution makes it easy to move out-of-support or inflexible on-premise servers to the cloud. Fixed price cloud servers are perfect for SMBs and a first step to selling cloud infrastructure solutions


Microsoft Azure is a global, scalable cloud infrastructure, supporting all your customers' computing and applications requirements across hybrid and public cloud environments. It offers a rich variety of applications and services accessible via simple, secure application programming interfaces.

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