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Modern, connected business applications

Vuzion offers a Microsoft-based ecosystem of business applications that give businesses unparalleled insights. Together, SharePoint, Power BI, and Dynamics 365 seamlessly blend collaboration, analytics, and integrated business management capabilities.

They work together, exchanging data to empower employees and supercharge everyday operations.

Featured Solutions

Microsoft’s business applications enable customers to manage their businesses from end-to-end, while creating operations data that c to generate valuable insights. Collaboration tools tie everything together by allowing employees to share their ideas.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This holistic suite of powerful applications provides a 360 view of the business and helps manage every aspect of daily operations from supplier to customer.

Microsoft Power BI

Customers no longer have to rely on business hunches. Microsoft’s cloud-based business analytics system helps extract actionable intelligence from operational data.

Microsoft SharePoint Online

Enable your customers to build strong group collaboration with a communications platform that lets teams share knowledge in a secure cloud environment.

Customer benefits

Microsoft has created a collection of business applications that can power the smallest company and the largest enterprise. Its range of collaboration, analytics, and operations tools communicate with each other in the cloud, offering customers a unique mix of performance and reliability.

Product integration

Deep integration between Dynamics 365, Power BI and SharePoint provide unified document management, reporting and business management capabilities.

Productivity anywhere

Cloud computing enables employees to stay productive and collaborate with each other in and out of the office. They’ll never be left without the knowledge they need.

Eliminate complexity

A single-suite, single-vendor solution means easier installation, leaving customers to concentrate on working with you to build solutions that fit their specific business needs.

Lower costs

Help your customers to keep costs low by avoiding up-front hardware investments. This frees up the budget to build Microsoft-powered workflows that streamline operations.

Partner benefits

 There is so much more to Microsoft's business applications than just that offered by its core Office productivity offering, with greater complexity and options for customisation, and giving partners the chance to increase their margins by working closely on customer solutions.

Below, some benefits of selling cloud-based applications that can transform the way a customer does business:

Consulting revenues

Increase revenue by combining and configuring SharePoint, Power BI, and Dynamics 365 to build business solutions that fit unique customer need.

Reassure customers

Security is at the forefront of every customer’s mind. Give them the reassurance they need by protecting their business data with Azure's security features.

Higher margins

A single platform for setup and management across all customer business apps lowers your service overhead and increases your margin.

Higher revenues

Use the power of the cloud to boost your business performance. Selling applications as cloud-based services can yield 1.5x revenue on average.

Why Vuzion?

Vuzion is more than just a distributor. Here’s why you should consider us when looking for a technical partner to support your business.

We know you’re unique

We are an in-depth cloud aggregator that builds strong relationships with our partners, understanding their individual business needs.

We know cloud

Our cloud knowledge runs deep. We help you consult with customers on how to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and manage it afterwards.

Decades of experience

We have built our computing expertise over years of operation through our parent company, Cobweb, founded in 1996.

We understand

We are headquartered in UK, so we understand local business needs and offer 24*7 support.

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