Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

In business, everything is about the customer. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement offers cloud-driven customer relationship management that strengthens and extends sales and support dialogues.

Built for creating and developing customer relationships

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a CRM system that offers powerful customer relationship-building tools along with integration points for other applications in the Dynamics 365 family. It helps drive sales and marketing initiatives across the whole business using a mixture of business intelligence and campaign management.

Key features

CRM may be the heart of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, but its features don’t stop there. It includes a selection of modules that helps companies to manage every face of the customer experience, from sales through to service.


Increase customer conversions using a mixture of analytics dashboards, integration with LinkedIn data and intelligent optimisation tools.

Customer Services

Supercharge customer service with a range of digital tools including real-time chat, AI-driven virtual agents, and omnichannel interactions.

Project Automation

Attention to detail is key when dealing with customers. Manage all projects with the customer in mind, directly from the cloud.

Field Services

Build strong customer relationships with proactive customer services. Spot issues early and resolve them quickly by co-ordinating responses in the cloud.


Integrate marketing campaigns with detailed, accurate customer relationship and sales information. Automate key marketing processes.

Customer benefits

Customers are a company’s greatest asset. Acquiring new ones is costly. Winning them back is hard. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement helps companies nurture the customer relationships they have and raise their retention rates, lowering sales and marketing costs while boosting revenues.

Fast Response

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Helps customers wherever they are via omnichannel tools including SMS text interactions. It also lets agents access sales and other modules using phones and tablets, helping them to respond quickly even when out of the office.

Work Together

Team collaboration features let all employees share information about customer interactions, creating a better experience for customers by ensuring that they don’t have to repeat themselves.

360 Visibility

Dynamic dashboards offer full-spectrum visibility of all customer interactions. Identify potential sales opportunities. Spot emerging problems and fix them before customers walk away.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Build long-term relationships incrementally by creating repeated interactions that please and surprise customers every time.

Partner benefits

Help your clients deal with one of their biggest pain points: Customer retention. Introducing technology that builds your clients’ customer relationships will also strengthen your own. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a critical tool for your financial success and business growth.

Recurring Revenues

Regular monthly payments for cloud-based services offer predictable revenues. Cloud partners have 1.8 times the recurring revenues of other partners . *

Cloud Demand

80% of businesses are deploying or fully embracing cloud technology today . Selling a cloud-based solution enables you to go where your customers are.*

Bundle Up

Customer Engagement is just one Dynamics service plan. Use it to sell other Dynamics-based solutions for customers.

* Source: The Modern Microsoft Partner Series

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