Your customer's business, their apps, their way

Microsoft PowerApps is a rapid application development environment for Microsoft users. It enables customers to create custom business software without coding expertise using a powerful framework of apps, services, and connectors.


Key features

Microsoft PowerApps is a cloud-based rapid application development environment with an impressive array of features to help create the perfect set of applications for every business.

AI Builder

The AI Builder feature lets users fold AI capabilities- including object recognition and intelligent forms processing - into their PowerApps applications. It can even learn from historical business data to make powerful predictions.

PowerApps portals

Unlock the latent value of business data by making it accessible via a PowerApps portal. Authentication services allow internal and external users to interact with data from a variety of Microsoft applications and build powerful websites.

Extensive integrations

Connect a range of apps from Microsoft and others to your customers’ underlying data. PowerApps has a range of over 200 connectors for many popular cloud services and even on-premises applications.

Data services

Microsoft’s Common Data Service is an underlying data platform built directly into PowerApps that provides a single source of truth across the entire organisation. Dynamics 365 applications are natively built on this, making it a powerful platform for integrating all your customers’ business data and driving new applications.

Low code

PowerApps Studio enables non-technical users to quickly create and share business applications using drag-and-drop functionality without understanding how to write code. Its canvas-based development model makes building a custom business app as easy as putting together a PowerPoint slide deck.

Development models

PowerApps provides different development models based on the user’s technical expertise. The app designer lets users build model-driven applications, while developers can also write custom code.

Customer benefits

With Microsoft PowerApps, customers can finally build the applications they’ve always dreamed of. Because all the components come from one place, including the cloud infrastructure, everything in this powerful solution set works seamlessly together.

Fast development

Slash development times using the low-code development functionality embedded into PowerApps.

Unlock data

PowerApps enables customers to repurpose their data, extracting the most possible value from current and historical transactions and documents.

Mobile ready

Customers can develop responsive apps that adapt to different device formats, making it a perfect platform for mobile application development.

Low cost

Drag-and-drop development models and predefined integrations remove much of the heavy lifting from the active element process, reducing the need for technical skill sets and streamlining budgets.

Business friendly

Finally, customers have a way to bridge the cultural and knowledge gaps between the technical and business departments. PowerApps is a pivotal tool that gets them both talking the same language.

Tailored apps

Why settle for off-the-rack applications? PowerApps let customers create applications that fits the business like a well-tailored suit.

Partner benefits

Partners that use Microsoft PowerApps know that they’re getting a tried and true solution from a software and services provider with an unmatched reputation. It’s the ideal revenue generation platform, providing all the functionality to help you build customer apps now and in the future.

Closer relationships

PowerApps is a powerful platform for building custom apps, enabling you to work with your customers on extracting the most possible value from their Microsoft infrastructure. Use it to build a watertight relationship and guarantee revenues for years to come.

Accelerate value

Delight your customers with fast project delivery that delivers value quickly, thanks to the rapid application development capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps.

Broader reach

Use the low code capabilities in Microsoft PowerApps to expand your customer reach, offering new capabilities to companies with little technical expertise.

Increase margins

Help customers create applications that suit their business using Microsoft PowerApps and charge consulting fees that can increase your contract margins.

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