Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Modernisation

You can get there from here. Let Vuzion get your customer's infrastructure into the cloud with its comprehensive legacy migration consulting service.

A smooth, seamless journey to the cloud

Vuzion’s Infrastructure Modernisation service helps your customers move their existing non-cloud infrastructure to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. With expert advice and a detailed roadmap, our team will accompany you and your customer through every step.


Key features

Don’t migrate applications and servers to the cloud without expert advice. Vuzion’s Azure Infrastructure Modernisation service take the pain out of a difficult and daunting process.


Vuzion’s experts assist the customer in reviewing existing infrastructure to create a roadmap for a smooth migration.


Migration options support Vuzion's flexible 'three R' model (rehost, refactor, replace) to suit the customer's budget, time overhead, and business needs.


After the migration, we tweak the new infrastructure for cost and performance to ensure that customers have an optimal working environment.


Ours isn't a fire-and-forget service. We can segue seamlessly into post-migration management, leaving your customer to concentrate on growing their business.

Customer benefits

Customers need a knowledgeable partner with extensive experience when moving their applications and servers to a cloud environment. Vuzion’s intimate knowledge of the Azure environment, coupled with our expertise in migration projects, makes us the perfect partner on every customer’s cloud journey.

Lower costs

As machines age, they become more expensive to maintain. Our infrastructure migration service frees up customer IT budgets by eliminating that overhead.

Improve functionality

Moving to cloud-based hardware provides a platform to transform your applications with new API-based services. Vuzion’s Azure Infrastructure Modernisation service helps get customers there.

Stronger security

Take advantage of world-class security services including Azure Identity and Access Management and Azure Enterprise Management and Security.

Prompt provisioning

No more waiting two months for a new machine. Once Vuzion has helped customers move their infrastructure to the cloud, they can provision new infrastructure instantly.

Higher availability

Provide sophisticated failover services between virtual machines and physical sites with a cloud-based infrastructure offering extra business resilience.

Partner benefits

Selling Azure to customers is the easy part because the benefits speak for themselves. The hard part is getting their infrastructure into the cloud. Vuzion’s Azure Infrastructure Modernisation service helps MSPs tackle the tricky challenge of migrating customers to Azure. Here’s why you should choose us to help:

Extensive experience

Vuzion’s employees have been building technology solutions since before the cloud existed. Provide a high-quality experience for customers by drawing on our expertise.

Bundle solutions

Sell in other services to maximise revenues. For example, offer database modernization services to complement the infrastructure migration.

Add Ons

Advanced monitoring

Vuzion’s advanced cloud monitoring service watches services running on Azure at multiple levels, checking the health of the operating system, the applications, and the cloud infrastructure itself.

Patch management

Application security in an Azure is a dual responsibility between Microsoft and the customer. Vuzion offers automated patch management, taking a stressful software maintenance burden away from MSPs. The customer can control patch schedules.

Performance troubleshooting

When technical issues arise, Vuzion’s expert technical team is ready to get to the bottom of the problem. We offer a 24x7 support to analyse and fix problems no matter when they occur.

Comprehensive reporting

We keep you up to date with monthly reports on availability, security, and performance. We use our in-depth data to make improvement recommendations to constantly optimise your Azure experience.

Why Vuzion?

Vuzion is more than just a distributor. Here’s why you should consider us first when looking for a technical partner to support your business.

We know you’re unique

We are an in-depth aggregator that builds strong relationships with our partners, understanding their individual business needs.

We know cloud

Our cloud knowledge runs deep. We consult with customers on how to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and manage it afterwards.

Decades of experience

We have built our computing expertise over years of operation through our parent company, Cobweb, founded in 1996.

We understand

We are headquartered in UK and with offices in Ireland - so we understand local business needs and offer 24*7 support.

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