Microsoft Azure Remote Desktop

Windows desktops in the cloud. Vuzion’s Remote Desktop Service enables users to log in and be productive from wherever they are.

Your customers’ Windows desktops in the cloud

Vuzion’s Remote Desktop service is a version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services that runs in the Azure cloud. It allows users to access Windows desktops from any device, giving them the full functionality of the Windows 10 business-class desktop environment without having to be in the office.


Key features

With the ability to access desktop and applications via the internet, at any time and using any device, your customer’s business reduces costs and IT infrastructure and maintenance requirements, while at the same time enhancing security and improving productivity.

Highly configurable

Administrators can turn off parts of the Remote Desktop service outside office hours.

Desktop duplication

Customers can duplicate components of their virtual desktops to keep employees using their applications during desktop operating system maintenance.

Scalable storage

The storage space allocated for each virtual desktop can shrink or grow depending on the user’s needs, eliminating capacity issues and ensuring that companies pay only for what they need.

Central administration

Administrators can manage Vuzion’s Remote Desktop service from a single point, increasing security and control.

Backup capabilities

Backups are easier in the cloud. Administrators can back up virtual desktops easily and centrally.

Customer benefits

Vuzion’s Remote Desktop service helps customers enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 in a secure and reliable cloud environment. Vuzion can provide a rock-solid end-to-end experience with a cloud and operating system environment that come from a single vendor and work flawlessly together.

Hardware savings

Virtual desktops in the cloud reduce the reliance on cutting-edge endpoint hardware, giving customers more flexibility when planning hardware refresh schedules.

Lower costs

Centralised management of virtualised desktop operating systems from a single console makes it easier to standardise, and lowers the cost of creating and managing user computing environments.

Flexible working

Vuzion’s Remote Desktop service means that employees can be in the office even when they’re not in the office. They get the same business desktop they’re used to from their alternative device, wherever they happen to be.

Easy setup

Virtual desktops are easy to set up with standard applications and configuration setups, making them perfect for high-turnover scenarios, such as education or temporary contract worker settings.

Partner benefits

With Vuzion’s Remote Desktop Service, you can sell convenience, security, and reliability to your customers in one easy-to-use package. Vuzion helps you and your customers at every step of the journey to ensure a productive and painless virtual desktop experience.

Expert assessment

Vuzion’s team of experts will work with your customers to understand their desktop environments, examining any existing solutions and new technology requirements.


You don’t have to shoulder the technical challenges of deploying virtual desktops alone. Vuzion will deploy the customer’s virtual desktops and migrate applications as needed.


Vuzion will work with the customer on a post-deployment basis to automate virtual desktop operations and monitor performance, ensuring that they get the best experience possible.


Via an optional ongoing post-deployment management service to ensure that the Remote Desktop Service works properly, Vuzion can prevent costly customer issues that could sap resources.

Why Vuzion?

Vuzion is more than just a distributor. Here’s why you should consider us first when looking for a technical partner to support your business.

We know you’re unique

We are an in-depth aggregator that builds strong relationships with our partners, understanding their individual business needs.

We know cloud

Our cloud knowledge runs deep. We consult with customers on how to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and manage it afterwards.

Decades of experience

We have built our computing expertise over years of operation through our parent company, Cobweb, founded in 1996.

We understand

We are headquartered in UK and with offices in Ireland - so we understand local business needs and offer 24*7 support.

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