Windows 10

It’s time for a modern desktop. Windows 10 is an operating system that works the way your customers work and integrates seamlessly with the cloud. It’s the best Windows yet.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s famous desktop operating system. This multi-device, cloud-friendly software marries the latest technology with more than 30 years of security and reliability refinements. It makes automated updates and security protection simple for busy companies while giving them all the tools and performance they need to get the job done.

Windows 10

Key features

Windows 10 is the most feature-rich version of Microsoft’s industry-leading operating system. It includes a host of security, reliability, and functionality features that will make users safer and more productive while making life easier for administrators.

Automatic updates

Avoid cumbersome manual updates with Windows Update for Business, an automatic update feature that manages updates for maximum security and reliability.

Windows autopilot

Manual client setup is a time-consuming and error-prone task that is now a thing of the past. Windows Autopilot means zero-touch configuration, powered from the cloud.

Secure authentication

Windows Hello offers a range of authentication options including hardware keys and biometrics to suit every company’s security requirements.

Simpler management

Manage Windows 10 centrally using mobile device management and group policies, along with mobile application management. Studies show that Windows 10 can reduce device management costs by 15% .

Store integration

Create a Windows app store just for your employees, keeping them in line with enterprise security policy and avoiding the spectre of shadow IT.

Customer benefits

Windows 10’s technical features translate directly to business gains for busy companies. Customers who haven’t already upgraded to Windows 10 will be impressed by its potential to transform the way they work and serve their customers.

Simpler security

Windows Update for Business means automated updates, scheduled at your convenience, reducing IT overhead and making security simple.

Supports all users

No matter work what users do, there's a version of Windows 10 for them. The operating system supports everything from workstations through to small-footprint touch-sensitive devices.

Connect everywhere

Native cloud connectivity connects employees to business resources in OneDrive and Office 365, keeping them productive on the road.

Smart AI

The Windows 10 user interface couldn’t be simpler. Microsoft’s Cortana assistant enhances the user interface and increases productivity.

Partner benefits

As the foundation for a modern desktop experience, Windows 10 is the perfect way for partners to demonstrate the advantages of modern software and its synchronicity with the cloud. Here are some of the benefits MSPs can expect from selling this innovative operating system:

Upsell Windows

30% of small businesses have business needs that would benefit from Windows Enterprise, representing extra licensing opportunities for partners .

Hardware sales

Partners can accelerate revenues by offering new Windows mobile devices, device upgrades, and accessories.

Software assurance

Gain recurring revenues from Software Assurance subscription licensing for predictable financial projections.

Cloud services

Windows 10’s deep cloud integration makes it a perfect sales tool for cloud services including Office 365 and business applications.

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