Microsoft 365 Business

Delight your customers. Mix safety, mobility, and productivity in an end-to-end office solution.

Everything the modern office needs.

Microsoft 365 blends the benefits of the Office 365 productivity suite with Microsoft EM+S and Windows 10. Its mix of security, mobile management, and workplace functionality make it the perfect choice for budget-conscious businesses.

Microsoft 365

What’s included

Microsoft has bundled its most popular productivity, security, and Windows desktop systems into a single service offering, making it easy for businesses to have everything they need at their fingertips.

Office included

Microsoft 365 comes with Office applications including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Employees will find their working environment comfortable and familiar.

Email & calendar

Enable your customers to create productive teams from day one with the inclusion of email and calendar functionality as part of the basic service offering.

Windows included

Microsoft 365 Business includes upgrades from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 Pro, giving customers the security and productivity of the latest desktop operating system.


Configure Windows automatically upon installation, lowering the overhead for administrators.

Mobile management

Manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices with the built-in Enterprise Mobility + Security suite.


Each user gets 50Gb of storage for business class email, calendar, and contacts, along with 1Tb of file storage.

Customer benefits

Customers don’t need to source services from different providers when they have everything in a single package. Microsoft 365 is their go-to solution for easy setup and simple contract management.

Integrated solution

Who needs technical hassle? With everything in one box, customers can sign up for a Microsoft 365 Business service confident that everything will work smoothly together.

Consistent deployment

Thanks to Windows Autopilot, users can self-provision machines when they turn them on, installing everything they need from the beginning. That means consistent installations and no configuration errors.

Predictable pricing

Subscription-based pricing gives companies a predictable total cost of ownership on a per employee, per month basis. It also shifts capital costs to operating expenses so they don’t have to put server hardware on the balance sheet.

Secure operations

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security secures the endpoints that employees use to communicate and collaborate, and gives companies the confidence to empower their workforce.


Microsoft’s Azure cloud offers rock-solid availability, meaning that important files and records will always be there, no matter what happens at the customer’s site.

Access anywhere

Storing productivity data in the cloud means it's available from anywhere at any time from any device.

Partner benefits

Microsoft 365 Business is an appealing sales proposition for partners that want to shift revenues to the cloud while also offering Windows licence sales. Its comprehensive productivity and security features are attractive to customers who want a full-featured suite of office software under a single, easy-to-manage contract.

Higher revenues

Partners can expect $694 more in revenue per user over three years when offering Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions.

Content migration

Customers often have content spread across many on-premises systems. Sell content migration as a value-added service, creating for your customer, a smoother, safer journey to the cloud.

Customer retention

Customer satisfaction and inertia make it less likely that companies will move away from the cloud after migrating data and applications to the cloud. Bundled Windows 10 licensing completes a convenient arrangement that increases customer retention.

Higher margins

Partners selling Microsoft 365 Business typically enjoy an 8% increase in managed services margins.

Cloud attach

Expect a 10% average increase in managed services attach rate when selling Microsoft 365 Business.

Consulting revenues

Enjoy an average 20% bump up in deployment and advisory services revenue from selling Microsoft 365 Business.

Why Vuzion?

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