Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Put office computing in the cloud with a simple online productivity solution for busy companies, so that your customers can focus on running the business.

Take your office productivity to the next level

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise is a cloud productivity and collaboration suite offering a range of enhanced features, including more flexible security measures and extra data governance functions. Together, these next-level capabilities protect larger companies while introducing unmatched levels of efficiency.

Office 365

Key features

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise offers the most important features of Office 365 Business along with a range of enhancements designed specifically to serve larger customers.

Power BI

Available in Office 365 Enterprise E5, this powerful querying and visualisation tool offers advanced analytics capabilities for business.

Teams Live

Take meetings to the next level with Microsoft Teams Live, which can handle 10,000 attendees at a time.

Enhanced security

Available in Office 365 Enterprise E5, Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection offers extra protection against malicious links and attachments.

More storage

Double the storage for individual emails, giving employees plenty of space for their communications yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Advanced eDiscovery features use machine learning and text classification to find the emails and documents that legal and compliance departments need.

Data governance

Filter and migrate on-premises data to Office 365 with the ability to keep tabs on it for compliance purposes through automatic classification. Customers can set alerts for unusual activity surrounding files, such as a high number of deletions.

Customer benefits

Customers can feel safe that Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise will grow with their business. With support for an unlimited number of users and second-to-none technology features to satisfy the most sophisticated user, it offers the flexibility and functionality to support even the most demanding office tasks.

Secure storage

Customer data is safe in the most secure cloud infrastructure on the planet. By encrypting it at rest and offering superior access controls, Microsoft protects it from prying eyes.

Real-time collaboration

Cloud functionality lets multiple users access a single document simultaneously, seeing each other’s changes as they happen.

Deep insight

Power BI gives enterprise customers new insights into their data with dynamic cloud-based analytics capabilities.

Access anywhere

Storing productivity data in the cloud makes it available from anywhere at any time from any device.

Complete control

Enhanced data controls such as Azure Information Protection give customers complete control over their data, with flexible classification and labelling controls enabling them to protect sensitive documents and emails.

Partner benefits

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise is the MSP’s key to larger customer contracts. Targeting big companies with more than 300 users, it promises higher revenues and the opportunity for extra cloud-based services and consulting fees.

High demand

Worldwide public IT cloud services revenues hit $127 billion in 2018. This demonstrates the huge market for managed services awaiting partners who sell well-established and trusted services like Office 365 Enterprise.*

Cloud attach

Large enterprises frequently have other computing needs that can be served by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Partners can create end-to-and solutions offering support and applications in the cloud, along with network and hardware configurations on customer premises.

Migration revenues

The larger the company, the more complex and extensive its on-premises data architecture. Partners can extend their revenue opportunities with migration projects that help gather, sanitise, and classify corporate data before moving it to the cloud.

Support services

Partners can enterprise support by offering value-added services on a pre-and post-sales basis.

*Source: Microsoft Cloud Profitability Scenarios Overview

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