Microsoft InTune

Are mobile users straining your customers’ resources? Help them tame BYOD chaos with a mobile management solution to protect apps and data on the road.

Mobile management for all devices

Microsoft Intune is an integrated endpoint management platform that brings some calm to the mobile maelstrom. It administers all devices from a central point in the cloud, setting access policies and managing both devices and applications at once.


Key features

Microsoft Intune is the go-to management solution for companies grappling with multiplying mobile devices and platforms on their network. No matter who owns it or what it is, Intune brings it under your control, protecting business users and their data.

Easy configuration

Simple access through the Azure Portal makes it easy for administrators to set up Microsoft Intune.

Conditional access

Enforce access policies based on conditions including user, location, device state, app sensitivity, and real-time risk.

Policy driven

Use policies to restrict activities such as copy and paste, protecting the business from accidental data loss and mismanagement.

BYOD ready

Apply policies across employee or partner devices that the business doesn’t own without intruding on user privacy.

Customer benefits

No matter how many types of endpoint device their employees have, companies can tame their mobile infrastructure with Intune’s centralised management tools and policy-based security controls.

Powerful productivity

Enable users to stay productive by connecting to enterprise resources, wherever they are.

Complete coverage

Supports all Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices, meaning that all employee endpoints fall under the same management controls and policies.


Demonstrate to auditors that all mobile devices are properly managed. Govern devices and data effectively to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Efficient management

Reduce the total cost of ownership by integrating with System Centre Configuration Manager for easy, centralised control.

Partner benefits

Partners can create a compelling sales proposition for customers by offering to solve one of their biggest security and compliance headaches with a simple cloud-based solution that doesn’t require costly and cumbersome local installations.

Recurring revenues

Microsoft Intune is a subscription-based service that generates regular revenues for partners.

Easy installation

Cloud-based tools minimise partner sales overheads by lowering the cost and complexity of installation and onboarding.

Compliance proposition

With lost devices and exposed data making the headlines and GDPR fines rising, customers don’t want to trade mobility for security. This service offers them productivity and compliance in one package, creating an attractive sales proposition.

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