Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 - What's new?

Pip Milburn
Tags: Acronis Security

Technology is ever-changing, meaning service providers must be constantly updating their products and offering new, exciting elements, otherwise they won't stay competitive for long.

Security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to technology. It must always be one step ahead of the threats that the cloud faces, which is why the latest updates to Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 have come in.

So what's new in the world of security, specifically the Acronis product?

1. New cyber protection capabilities

Developments to the product have seen substantial improvements in base cyber protection components, including those of safety and accessibility. Depending on which edition you go for, all the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection have been enhanced. These include safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security. .

2. Daily data protection made easier

There is now a partner delivery of cyber protection to end customers, making their day-to-day data protection management easier, more efficient and even more secure than before.

3. Two-factor authentication

There have been incredible improvements to security within these features, most notably the introduction of two-factor authentication across the entire platform for the web console login. This adds an extra level of security for both partner and customer tenants.

4. Backup large numbers of machines

The advanced edition has the capability of group management of devices and centralised backup plans management. Through the group management functionality, a larger number of machines can be managed more quickly and easily than before.

You can create either static or dynamic groups of machines and apply backup plans to these groups, not to each individual machine. When a new device is added to the group, it automatically becomes protected by the plan. You’ll also now be able to manage backup plans from one tab, enabling you to work more efficiently.

5. Use enhanced disaster recovery

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud now has some useful new features. There’s the encrypted backup support, which performs failovers using encrypted backups and the VPN-less deployment option, allowing the onboarding of customers and proof of concepts to be conducted more quickly and easily. There’s also the multiple networks support, enabling the support of complex customer infrastructures, and the recovery servers RPO compliance tracking, which will allow for improved SLA compliance by defining recovery point thresholds for the recovery servers.

6. Different editions available, including disaster recovery

Acronis Backup Cloud now has the standard edition, the advanced edition and the disaster recovery edition. The advanced edition includes all the features of the standard edition, plus features related to the scalable management of larger infrastructures, support for additional workloads and special backup operations. There’s also now three editions of the backup and disaster recovery service available. The disaster recovery edition includes all the features in the Advanced edition as well as the features in the Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud.

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