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At Vuzion we are delighted to have Acronis as one of our key vendors delivering powerful back-up and security solutions. The latest iteration of Acronis Data Cloud is an extremely powerful enterprise system with a whole range of updated, expanded and in many cases completely new features.

We've gathered some of the most important updates here for you, and outlined what they mean for you and your business:

Complete Office 365 protection

The latest raft of updates now means Acronis offers complete Office 365 protection, with backup across SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange directly to Acronis datacentres. This means massively enhanced security, a boost to business efficiency and vastly improved user functionality, for both individual users and entire teams.

Point in time recovery, flexible backups and enhanced backup search are just a few of the many notable features of this update. The ability to preview email content, send messages and even download files from backup adds an extra layer of functionality and flexibility to the way your business operates. Acronis Backup Cloud is a powerful way to protect your data, your security and ensure you are remaining compliant with the latest set of regulations.

Active Protection (AI)

Acronis Active Protection now offers enhanced security measures, protecting removable devices and network folders as well as individual PCs. The key eature here is the use of machine learning and AI to effectively spot suspicious and unfamiliar behaviours within networks, isolating and eliminating problems before they develop and cause serious damage. 

Machine learning means that as more data feeds in from the Acronis Data Cloud, Active Protection will only get better in coming months and years - a necessary feature given the increase in cyber crime, malware and malicious viruses. An extra benefit here is the automatic recovery of damaged data files, an enormous time and efficiency saver for your business.

Re-imagined user experience

User experience is a massive trend across the technology industry, as companies realise that personalisation and ease of use are massively important to their target users. Acronis have made serious improvements across the board in this field, with vastly improved functionality. Search is a vital feature for any business, and the enhanced capabilities in this update make searching by sender, recipient, file type or subject, even with incomplete information, drastically easier.

Notification settings have also been tweaked, allowing users to act on their individual preferences rather than rely on a blanket approach. The service menus have been reconfigured into intuitive groups for easy browsing. Perhaps most importantly, the client tabs have been completely reworked, allowing vastly improved client management and oversight. Your relationship with your clients is one of the most important factors for the success of any business, so any improvement to the way you manage those relationships is a serious advantage.

Physical Data Shipping

Anyone looking to make the move from an on-premises system to a modern, efficient cloud storage solution should consider the benefits of this new service: the physical shipping of your hard drives to an off-premises site, protected by enhanced security measures. Because data can be physically transferred, only incremental backups are necessary at your end, saving you dozens of hours and potentially huge amounts of revenue (considering the opportunity cost).

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