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Chris Hoard, Vuzion Partner Consultant writes …

Chris HoardOne of our main responsibilities to Vuzion partners being to ensure that they’re aware of the benefits and incentives offered by Microsoft, and are fully utilising these to help grow their business and make higher revenues from their digital transformation efforts.

It became clear during our October monthly community call with Microsoft, that not all of our partners are doing so, and we’ve, therefore, created this news item to focus on two opportunities in particular:

  1. Microsoft Partner Centre lead access
  2. Modern Workplace Upsell Campaign benefits

Partner Centre Leads

A qualified Microsoft partner can create a business profile on Partner Centre to showcase their business to customers looking for solutions and expertise to address their needs. Microsoft engages millions of customers every year through marketing, sales, and service efforts. Most of these engagements create opportunities to provide referrals to partners in the form of sales leads.

The first step to accessing these leads is to create a Partner Centre business profile(if you’ve not already done so) – which you can do under the referral tab in the Dashboard. Microsoft will then show your profile to customers searching for partners on Find a Solution Provider, as well as begin sending you leads.

A detailed guide to creating a business profile can be found on the Microsoft website, and which also contains a detailed guide to responding to leads.

Modern Workplace Upsell Campaign

The Modern Workplace Upsell Campaign runs until 31 December 2018, and enables you to claim a $5 per unit reward per seat for net increases in your premium SKU customer estate. This means that for every Office 365 Business Premium, E3, E5 or Microsoft 365 Business seat that you add or upsell to, you qualify for $5.

To give you an example:

If you had 100 users on Exchange Online Plan 1 and upsold these to Business Premium, you would be entitled to $500 at the end of the period in December 2018.

However, it’s important to note, that this is worked out across your whole customer estate, and so if you had a net loss from customers moving off premium SKUs at the end of the period you would not be entitled to the reward.

Are you making the most out of Partner Centre Leads and Incentives from Microsoft?

You can take advantage of both benefits immediately. Ian Hill, Modern Workplace Sales Lead from Vuzion says:

“We are working hard to ensure that all of our Partners are aware of and accessing their benefits – whether this is through leads from Microsoft, or rewards in terms of selling Premium SKUs.

“Every one of our partners deserves to feel the benefits of their efforts in terms of digitally transforming their customers and bringing them into a modern workplace.”

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