It’s an old developer joke that there’s no such thing as too much memory, and if Azure could previously be criticised for anything it’s that it hasn't been the best option for apps that have particularly high memory demands.

Thankfully, Microsoft has taken that to heart with the announcement that Azure will soon offer virtual machines with up to 12 TB of RAM, based on Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors, allowing developers to build and test applications of varying complexity.

And if 12 TB is now too much for your testing needs, virtual machines with 192 GB of memory will also be offered.

In a recent Microsoft blog post, Corey Sanders, Corporate VP of Azure, announced a range of improvements coming to Microsoft's cloud offerings to ensure they continue to offer the right infrastructure for every workload. These include:

✔ Industry-leading M-series virtual machines which offer up to 12 TB on a single VM. This is the largest memory for a single VM available in the public cloud for in-memory workloads such as SAP HANA.

✔ Newer M-series VM sizes from as low as 192 GB up to 4 TB of RAM, enabling faster scale-up and scale-down. M-series VMs are certified for SAP HANA and available in 12 regions worldwide.

✔ Azure ARM template automation scripts enabling you to deploy entire SAP HANA environments in just minutes compared to weeks on-premises.

✔ Other SAP HANA options which are scalable across multiple VMs and can offer combined memory sizes of 6 TB, 12 TB, and 18 TB.

✔ New Standard SSDs optimised for test and entry-level production workloads which require consistent performance as well as the durability and availability Microsoft Azure users expect.

✔ The expansion of Azure Stack to meet the growing demand of global customers and their cloud strategy, giving greater freedom for choice and flexibility on where to run workloads and applications.

While no details were given on costing or when these VMs will be available to Azure customers, it’s clear that Microsoft wants to attract as many developers as possible to use the Azure cloud-computing service.

Azure First Conversation Guide

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