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Azure Migrations

Helping to move your customers apps and data to the cloud is a key role for any trusted advisor – particularly with the recent end of support for SQL Server 2008, and the forthcoming end of support for Windows Server 2008 in January 2020.

The good news is that Microsoft has now made it easier for customers to migrate their apps and workloads to Azure. The Azure Migration Program includes a comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft and partner tools and resources:

  • Curated, step-by-step guidance based on proven Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure methodology
  • Technical skill building with foundational and role-specific courses to develop new Azure skills and ensure long-term organisational readiness
  • Free Azure migration tools including Azure Migrate to assess and migrate workloads, plus free Azure Cost Management to help your customers optimise costs
  • Offers to reduce migration costs including Azure Hybrid Benefit, free Extended Security Updates for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Azure Migrate acts as a central hub for all migration needs and tools from infrastructure to applications to data. This includes the new integrated partner experience, Server Assessment, Server Migration, Database Assessment, and Database Migration capabilities. To help with large-scale data centre migrations and cloud transformation projects, Microsoft has also added end-to-end progress tracking.

Azure customer conversation starters:

Azure can be presented as the default destination for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads for several reasons.


  • Azure delivers innovative, fully managed capabilities across apps, data, and infrastructure. - Azure App Service supports popular app frameworks with advanced DevOps capabilities, delivering a highly productive app migration experience for customers.
  • Azure SQL Database managed instance provides evergreen SQL, which never needs to be patched or upgraded along with comprehensive SQL Server Engine compatibility so customers can migrate SQL Server workloads without changing code.
  • Finally, Azure IaaS can meet all the infrastructure needs for your migrated workloads with global coverage across 54 regions.


  • Azure enables a security posture that’s easier to implement and far more comprehensive than other environments, thereby enabling your migrated workloads to be secure and well managed.
  • With Azure Security Center, customers get the built-in protections across hybrid environments. Azure Blueprints makes it easier for customers to define and apply security policies across their workloads speedily and at scale.
  • Azure Sentinel enables advanced security threat hunting and mitigation from across the enterprise.

Unbeatable offers

  • AWS is 5X more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server. Customers are realising significant savings by taking advantage of unique offers like Azure Hybrid Benefit and free Extended Security Updates only in Azure.

The Azure Migrate experience is available starting today in the UK. Speak to Vuzion about using Azure Migrate to transition your customers’ workloads and applications to Azure.

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