Claiming Partner Of Record (CPOR) and Usage Incentives for Microsoft 365

Caroline Wigley
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Claiming Partner Of Record (CPOR) is an incentive for partners to claim for Microsoft 365 usage. Introduced in October 2019 (and currently applicable to September 2020), it rewards partners for influencing and driving customer growth in Microsoft 365.

As one Microsoft 365 online services usage incentive, the incentive earned is for usage reached according to workload milestone, rather than via monthly purchased payments.

Customer association

Craig Gordon, Head of Vuzion, says, “To be able to participate in the program, and claim this incentive, partners need to become a customer’s ‘Claimed Partner Of Record’.

“To do this, the partner needs to associate themselves with the customer at workload level in the MIcrosoft Partner Center.

“It’s important to note that, while a customer may have one or many partners associated, there may only be one partner associated per workload or subscription, and only one partner can be associated to a customer’s workload at any one time.”

Partners must submit to Microsoft a proof of execution (POE) between creating and submitting the customer association. This POE must include the customer’s signature, and triggers the sending of a customer consent email.

Craig Gordon: “If the customer agrees to the association, they need take no action, but they can refuse the association if they so wish, and they also have the opportunity to cancel the association request at any time.”

Workload milestones

Partners enrolled in the program will receive a one-time payment per workload milestone, once the milestone has been reached.

the number of eligible active usage milestones depends on the workload size.

CPOR workloads and milestones

More information about CPOR

If you’d like more information about Claiming Partner of Record incentives for Microsoft 365, download our Vuzion guide, Microsoft Partner Incentives - Claiming Partner Of Record (CPOR) and Usage Incentives for Microsoft 365.

Craig Gordon: “The aim of this new incentive is to ensure that partners are providing the best possible service to their customers.

“The customer association requirement effectively puts the customer in the driving seat. If the customer isn’t happy, they can end the association!

“But Vuzion has always seen delivering that premium service and value-add as an essential element of a partner’s business. We provide support and services to help them to do so through our training and enablement offerings and professional services, creating that safety net to bridge any capability or capacity gaps.

“If you’d like more detail around CPOR, do download a copy of our CPOR guide, and the Vuzion teams are also here to help with any questions you may have - contact us here in the UK on 0333 009 5939 (or email, and in Ireland, call +353 1 695 0093 (or email”

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