Diversify your product portfolio through a new opportunity with HRLocker

Liam Hardie
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Liam Hardie, Vuzion Programme Marketing Executive, writes …

Here at Vuzion, we believe that it is important to have a wide variety of products available to our Partners to enable you to provide comprehensive solutions to your customers. We spend a large amount of time vetting our vendors to ensure that their products will meet all the needs of your customers and provide a strong profit margin to ensure partners remain profitable and have continued success. For this reason, we are excited to introduce HRLocker to our range of products available for our partners to resell.

What is HR locker?
HRLocker is a cloud-based people, recruitment and performance system, enabling organisations to automate their people management and recruitment processes. HR requirements are streamlined into one place, making it easier for your customers to manage their people. There are 3 products offered by HRLocker with features including everything from holiday booking to performance management and hiring analytics. The product set makes it easier to digitally transform your customer’s business, starting at the heart of the company with people management and recruitment efforts.

For customers it allows them to spend less time doing manual tasks relating to HR and more time getting work done and building their business. HRLocker is a solution that works for companies of any size and offers a web or mobile app that allows employees and HR staff access to all necessary tools, regardless of where they are working.

Opportunity for Partners

Adding HRLocker to your product portfolio ensures that if your customer has a requirement for HR software, you are able to accommodate this need. Similarly, adding HRLocker to your portfolio is a great opportunity to build out solutions including all the IT systems required for a customer to run their business effectively, including Microsoft applications, email security, backup and HR software. HRLocker has integrations with Microsoft 365 applications and Microsoft Teams, so it is simple to build out a comprehensive solution for any business size.

For partners, including these additional low-cost products in your portfolio allows you to incrementally increase the revenue from each customer whilst significantly increasing your profit margins.

Resources Available to Partners

If you want to find out more about the HRLocker product set, we have provided a Vendor Overview, Service Sheet and Pricing available on the Vuzion Vendor Catalogue.

If you are considering launching HRLocker, the GROW Go-To-Market Hub has all the marketing and sales materials to have a successful launch, include email templates, landing pages, social posts and banner ads. If you are not already registered for GROW, fill out the registration form here, or email the GROW team to find out more.

HRLocker are also ran a webinar earlier this month to further explain the product set, its key features and benefits and the opportunity for partners. The recording of the webinar recording can be found here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about HRLocker, would like a demo or free 14 day trial, or want to discuss the product and add ons, get in touch with us here at Vuzion (0333 009 0939 - or email partners@vuzion.cloud).

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