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DocuSign’s annual customer conference — Momentum 2018 — announced big news for the world’s Systems of Agreement. These processes and technology are what companies use for the preparation, signing, actioning and management of agreements and e-signatures.

Building on DocuSign’s existing e-signature technology, the new updates will affect what happens before, during and after a given e-signature, and will generally enhance and modernise DocuSign’s technology – here we break down the latest updates and how they relate to the Systems of Agreement.


Want to connect your Systems of Agreement to the blockchain? You're in luck: DocuSign has announced a new integration with Ethereum. Put simply, this will mean that every time you receive a DocuSign agreement, evidence of that agreement will be sent automatically to Ethereum. This is great for you and your customers — allowing all parties a clear, verifiable and neutral infrastructure with which to check a document’s integrity, with no entity ownership. Find out more about these new blockchain developments here:

Search and insights with AI

Another important development for DocuSign’s System of Agreement platform is its new integration with Intelligent Insights, powered by Seal Software. This technology goes beyond mere keywords, and understands the legal concepts that constitute agreement clauses, in a similar way to how a real-life analyst would. 

Consider the word ‘privacy’ in a clause about internet cookies: the clause about cookies is actually about matters of privacy, even if the word ‘privacy’ itself isn’t mentioned. Intelligent Insights lives up to its title and is able to recognise that privacy would be important to this clause.

This technology can also automatically classify different agreements and compare how they handle various pertinent issues and topics. Users can therefore quickly spot the risks and advantages of a given agreement.

Responsive signing and mobile-first

Forms and agreements are generally not adapted for mobile use. In order to provide an improved user experience, DocuSign’s modern System of Agreement now supports mobile-first, Responsive signing technology — they now quickly adjust their font size and format as appropriate by converting PDF documents into more convenient HTML. 

Smart sections

DocuSign’s new Smart Sections allow you to take responsive signing to a new level, formatting as per your organisation’s preferences, with things such as page breaks and collapsible sections. This is a fantastic way to make an agreement your own — and ensure that it is as clear, user-friendly and interactive as possible.

Salesforce CPQ

Next is the news that DocuSign’s Salesforce extension has now been extended for CPQ (that’s Configure, Price, Quote). This means you can now automatically populate agreements with CPQ data and send from the CPQ application via DocuSign. After this, the signed agreement will automatically write back to the Salesforce record and include such info as purchase order numbers. This enhanced automation looks set to bring about fast turnarounds and greater efficiency.

Guided forms

Guided Forms, powered by Intelledox, will now be able to guide signers through more complex agreement processes that previously may have needed sales support assistance. It can also help you to build more personalised agreements with them and adapt the experience in line with the signers’ preferences — including locations and devices. Find out more here:

Organisation management

Admins that manage multiple DocuSign accounts will also now benefit from new capabilities and centralised admin tools, allowing for easy management of all accounts at an organisational level in one interface. This update will also allow quick downloads of account data, for purposes such as audits.

Data feed API

You’ll now be able to analyse your DocuSign data using Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure within Organisation Management. This will automate DocuSign data and its movement into a BI repository. After that, you can join such data (like envelopes, recipients, accounts and the like) to other enterprise data, and analyse it through BI.


Want to find out more about DocuSign? Why not download our free guide, Creating a compliant and truly paperless process with eSignatures, here.

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