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Following on from the popular updates announced at Momentum 2018, DocuSign have announced further updates to the platform for September 2018. With improved template management and added security for unauthenticated envelopes, the updates will impact everything from how users interact with the Systems of Agreement technology to how organisations understand their customers. Here are the most important DocuSign updates to be aware of in September 2018.

Introduction of the Data Feed API

Enterprise customers will now be able to gain greater insights into their customers using the DocuSign Data Feed API. The API will allow integration with customer data warehouses, allowing for data visualisation to help improve accounts, settings, and templates.

User list exports

To give users greater control over their data, Enterprise customers will now be able to quickly download all of the critical information about memberships, login policy exceptions and permissions.

Intelligent insights

Using AI technology powered by Seal, the new intelligent insights feature will allow DocuSign customers to go beyond keyword analysis and look at concepts in an agreement the way a human data analyst would. The AI technology will allow DocuSign account owners to spot opportunities and risks in an instant.

Improved envelope security

In order to improve security for eSignatures, unauthenticated envelopes will now expire after 48 hours or 5 link clicks. This won’t impact envelopes protected by access codes or other authentication methods. If a link expires, users will be able to request a new one be sent to their email, offering DocuSign customers greater control over who has access to envelopes and for how long.

Finish later in PowerForms

PowerForm recipients will now have the option to Finish Later and pick up an unfinished form from a link sent to their email address. This allows for greater flexibility in using PowerForms and decreases admin time for account owners.

Reduced confusion for applied templates

When users replace a document with an applied template, they will now get a dialogue confirmation. This is to avoid the confusion that some users have faced which can lead to stacked fields, anchor tabs or conditional logic.

Improved template management

DocuSign users will now have greater control over their templates. A number of template management changes have been announced, including:

  • Admins can now delete multiple templates that they own or that are shared with them. Templates will remain in the deleted folder for a short time and any associated PowerForms will stop working.
  • A search function has been added to the template Move dialogue. This allows for greater control over complex folder structures and makes it easier to manage multiple templates.
  • Help fields have now been added to the envelope creation process. This helps to resolve any confusion over the required fields in a template.

Changes to envelope navigation

Auto-navigation has been improved by allowing users to navigate to all fields automatically. Previously, auto-navigation only directed users to required fields but the changes mean that they will now be directed to all fields, required or otherwise. Users can also clear radio buttons by simply clicking on them again. Previously, optional radio buttons could not be unselected which could lead to inaccurate forms, but users can now clear the radio button by clicking on it again.

Deprecated Features
Support for DocuSign Print Driver v2 has now ended and users are encouraged to update to DocuSign Print Driver v3.x.

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