GDPR: $3.5bn opportunity for partners - Microsoft Inspire Keynote 12 July

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The Vision Keynote at Microsoft Inspire Wednesday 12 July began with discussing opportunity, and how for every business there is a digital opportunity and how for partners, GDPR represents a great opportunity – a $3.5bn opportunity.

Coming into effect with less than a year to go – 25 May 2018 – the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is going to affect how organisations store, manage and process personal data. And while the regulation covers the personal data of EU citizens, organisations storing managing and processing the personal data of EU citizens – whether from within or outside the EU – will need to be compliant.

Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, stressed the vital part technology providers have to play in this process, enabling their customers to become compliant – and a $3.5bn opportunity sitting there ready to be realised over the next 12 months

Also emphasised was that GDPR is not only about creating enhanced data privacy, but that ensuring data security was an equally important element of the regulation and therefore a vital issue for customers to address, with cyberspace as the “new battlefield”.


Building to become the first responders to cybersecurity threats, Microsoft has introduced new resources – their Threat Intelligence Center and a Digital Crimes Unit, pursing multiple actions in court globally.

Stressing that it’s not possible to ‘defeat the threats of the present with tools from the past’ and that modern technology is needed to deal with current threats, Microsoft recognises their responsibility to keep customers safe – while pointing out that it is a shared responsibility, with tech providers – and cyber help should therefore be part of a Microsoft partner’s business – as well as the customers themselves.

Microsoft’s approach to supporting customers become GDPR compliant has four pillars:

GDPR – further information for partners

The BBC published an article on 7 July this year, Could new data laws end up bankrupting your company? in which they report GDPR specialist EMW Law saying that they believe only 29 percent of UK businesses have begun preparing for GDPR,  and which is "a shocking figure, as on average organisations need 12-15 months to prepare".

But there is still time to prepare! We’re running a series of workshops, corporate assessments and clinics, hosted by independent GDPR Implementation Consultant Pierre Westphal, to support partners in ensuring they themselves will meet GDPR requirements on 25 May 2018, and that their customers do so, also. 

Check out our GDPR hub for more information – or any of the Vuzion team will be more than happy to help.

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