Helping schools make the transition to virtual classrooms

Ian Hill
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Ian Hill, Vuzion education business unit, writes …

As of Friday 20 March 2020, schools across the UK were closed until further notice on government orders, as a measure to help halt the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

But, while the schools are closed, education must continue.

Many schools are already utilising software to enable distance learning in some form, but for others this may be a totally new concept.

If you’re providing software to the education sector, you may be interested in the set of documents newly released by Microsoft, and which includes resources, training content, and how-to-guides aimed at supporting school IT departments, teachers, support staff and students. This content covers information useful to schools looking to provider greater distance learning opportunities, and those new to online education.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the team hub embedded into Office 365 - free to schools and universities - and that brings into one central platform conversations, content, assignments, and apps, and is accessible via PC, mobile, tablet or browser.

Teams enables the creation of ‘collaborative classrooms’, and allows colleagues to connect, and online leaning communities to form.

Moving to distance learning

Moving to greater emphasis on distance learning, or taking that first stop to provide online education can be a daunting step, particularly in the light of the urgency of the situation. But, these resources from Microsoft will help schools to understand the features and functionality that’s available to them, as well as how to move to providing virtual classrooms with confidence.

Content includes:

·       webinars about Teams, created specifically for those in the education sector

·       a webpage describing how to get started with Microsoft Teams for remote learning

·       training in how to create an online classroom in Office 365

·       plus a link to a Family Learning Center, which contains a great set of advice for helping families with children at home to create an engaging learning environment.

Vuzion and education

At Vuzion, we understand that this will be a difficult time for partners whatever their focus, but particularly those in the education sector, as with the closing of schools many customers will be facing considerable challenges and looking to their IT provider for support, advice and guidance.

At Vuzion, we support education partners, regardless of size, and have a wealth of experience we’re ready to share!

As education business lead at Vuzion, you’re welcome to contact me at - or call any of the team on 0333 009 5939.

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