How Customers Can Transform Business Across All Departments With DocuSign’s eSignature Solution

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Vuzion was delighted to announce last month details of the partnership with DocuSign, the leading global eSignature (electronic signature) and digital transaction management (DTM) solution.

To give you greater insight into the features DocuSign offers and the potential benefits eSignatures can bring to customers’ businesses, we’ll be posting a series of blogs looking at DocuSign across department, with this the first, giving an overview.

DocuSign’s solution provides a fast, easy and trusted way to transact digitally, leading to increased productivity and efficiency – while ensuring authentication and security – in any business department, across market and industry.


Use DocuSign, and a sales team can focus on selling, rather than tracking down signatures.

Delays are minimised through automating the agreement and contract process, and modifying contracts – including incorporating details for calculated fields, and start- and end- dates, for example – becomes much simpler. DocuSign also integrates with many of the leading CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Human Resources

The department’s principal processes can become paper free – recruitment, hiring, onboarding, etc. – resulting in less time required from the team to administer these functions, reducing errors, and enhancing compliance – as well as creating an improved employee experience.


DocuSign will integrate with a customer’s existing finance system. By implementing the eSignature solution, businesses are able to improve cash flow and management through reducing the invoice process timescale, for example, or enabling employees to electronically sign expense reports.

IT / Operations

A wide range of functions can be automated, from asset tracking – for example, through enabling employees to sign electronically for data to be imported directly into an asset management system – to support ticket processing. Project management documents can have eSignature sign-off embedded to process requirements from issue fixes to new feature requests. Overall, the IT/Operations department can achieve better visibility and control.


With DocuSign, a legal department can introduce wider automated processing, including for authentication, encryption, tamper-seal certification, and chain of custody. Obtaining signed NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) becomes a quick, efficient process using pre-configured templates and workflow.


Finalising contracts, obtaining legally-binding customer sign-off for campaigns and press releases, and managing internal sign-offs for marketing plans, briefs, and content, is simpler – and faster – with DocuSign. The eSignature solution also creates an easier process for customers registering for events.


DocuSign streamlines lease signing processing, automatically calculating fields, and even managing payments. Automated NDA signing, and permit and pass issue and management, is possible with eSignature, and visitor experience can be enhanced through automating a check-in process.


Account amendment requiring customer signature becomes easier and faster, and work orders streamlined through enabling field reps to input data – product serial number, labour requirements, etc. – plus, closing tickets is made easier through electronic collection of customer signatures.


DocuSign can streamline supplier management and contract processing, helping to reduce cost and supply chain risk. Secure, tamperproof documents, audit trails, enterprise-level administration controls, and document retention features, enhance compliance management.

Product Management

With DocuSign, new product delivery can be a faster process. Adding DocuSign to project management documents and processes increases control and improves visibility across the organisation. Automated processing can cover form-based product input from employees, customers or partners, along with product roadmap approval and sign-off.

DocuSign and Office 365

DocuSign integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to enable users to benefit from a seamless, end-to-end transaction compliance management solution linked to their familiar and widely-used applications. For example, users can create and send a document for approval and signature in Word; send, receive, and sign attachments securely from within Outlook; sign, request a signature on, and track the status of documents in a SharePoint library; and save and save completed documents automatically to SharePoint or OneDrive for Business.

DocuSign’s offering is mobile, multi-lingual, and fully tracked and auditable, and partners can demonstrate to customers a real, tangible cost saving with DocuSign – processing improvements that have immediate business impact.

We’ll be posting  a series of blogs in the coming weeks to cover in greater depth the benefits DocuSign can bring to individual departments – and in the meantime, you might like to download a copy of our eBook, creating a compliant & truly paperless process with eSignatures.

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