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Wayne Hollomby
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Wayne Hollomby, Vuzion Product Architect, writes …

Microsoft have announced that Teams Phone with Calling Plan will be launched on 1st  January 2022 for CSP and will be a consolidation of the current Business Voice and Enterprise Voice offerings into a much simpler licencing model.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice was launched 2 years ago for the SMB market to provide a full telephony solution in Microsoft Teams for Business licenses, as this was previously only possible with Enterprise licensing and will now be retired on 1st March 2022.

Teams Phone with Calling Plan will be available in 33 markets that Microsoft support for calling plans today! This is a welcome change to open PSTN calling capability for Microsoft 365 Business licenses in these additional countries, as Business Voice was previously only available for the UK, US, and Canada markets.

What’s the Difference between Teams Phone with Calling Plan and Business Voice?

Teams Phone with Calling Plan will include Phone System and a domestic calling plan but will not include the Audio Conference license that was part of the Business Voice bundle.  As from 1st March 2022 Audio Conferencing will be part of all Teams-inclusive Microsoft 365 and Office 365 licensing as standard.

An example can be seen below of the licensing differences:

Teams Calling

If you require Audio Conferencing before 1st March 2022 when it will be included in the base Microsoft 365 and Office 365 license, there is an Audio Conference adoption-promo running until 31st May 2022, where it can be added for free to a Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription for 12 months.

For more detailed information please see official blog post from Microsoft HERE and the FAQ

To learn more about Teams Phone with Calling Plan we recommend you register for the Microsoft webinar on 9th December 2021 HERE

Teams Phone with Calling Plan provides a fully cloud-based phone system that gives the capability of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) which is the replacement for PSTN, and ISDN that is fast approaching switch-off in 2025, with the UK moving to a fully digital network.

Many UK Businesses will still have On-Premise private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems that are using PSTN and ISDN to provide inbound and outbound calling capability. They will need to start planning how to move to a full cloud-based phone system and therefore, Teams Phone with Calling Plan is the perfect solution for you to start talking to your customers about.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to the team here at Vuzion on 0333 009 5890 or email us at:


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