Looking to GROW your business? Here’s how Vuzion can help

Liam Hardie
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Liam Hardie, Vuzion Programme Marketing Executive, writes …

With businesses implementing hybrid working schemes, changes to CSP licenses, and more businesses investing in security solutions, it is an exciting time for Vuzion partners. There are a plethora of upsell, cross-sell and new customer opportunities available, and Vuzion has the marketing resources to aid our partners in capturing these opportunities. In this article we will discuss the importance of marketing, our top 5 marketing tips and how Vuzion can support your sales and marketing efforts.

The Importance of Marketing

A focus on marketing can help Vuzion partners grow their business significantly faster and position themselves as experts in the IT space. One of the key goals of marketing is to generate leads and awareness of your business. However, with effective marketing our partners are able to build stronger relationships with their current customers, which can lead to higher customer retention and upsell opportunities. Having a strong marketing and brand presence allows our partners to stand apart from the competition, and enables sustainable long-term growth.

Top 5 Marketing Tips
Identify what sets you apart

The IT space is a competitive market, and it is important to put your best foot forward when marketing your business. This may be a focus on security, an unmatched level of support, or expertise in a certain industry. Whatever it is that sets you apart from the competition, it should shine through on your website, social media and all marketing collateral.

Consider the customer journey

There are 3 key stages from when a potential customer finds out about your business, to when they become a paying customer. These are: the awareness stage, consideration stage and finally the decision stage. It is essential to have marketing collateral tailored to each stage of this journey. This may include the use of blogs, eBooks and email marketing for the awareness stage, case studies and product sheets for the consideration stage and a sales pitch deck for the decision stage.

Leverage multiple marketing channels

When running a marketing campaign, you should make use of multiple marketing channels to capture more traffic and increase reach. Some of these channels may include PPC marketing, social media, email marketing, blog posts, and your website itself. The overall messaging and strategy should remain consistent, with content being tailored to suit each specific channel.

Release a consistent stream of content

Having a consistent stream of content helps to build brand awareness and relationships with prospects and current customers. For blogs in particular, consistently posting weekly blogs has a cumulative effect on search engine rankings and can offer value through education for potential customers, whilst communicating your expertise in the IT field.

Align your sales and marketing efforts

Sales and marketing efforts need to be aligned to achieve one unified goal of business growth. Marketing efforts can generate leads, but they are only valuable if they can be converted into sales. For this reason, it is important that there is consistent collateral and content that can be used across the marketing and sales process. Similarly, sales teams should be aware of what content is being released across all marketing channels, as these topics can be included in sales conversations.

How Vuzion GROW Can Help

Vuzion GROW has a plethora of content and tools to support our partners with their sales and marketing efforts.

All Vuzion partners have access to GROW Foundation, free of charge. GROW Foundation includes access to the Go-to-Market (GTM) Hub, with campaign content for all products available for our partners to resell. The GTM Hub also provides marketing automation functionality, including social post automation, email marketing automation and pre-built landing pages. Partners are also able to run a website audit to check the health of their website helping to optimise and improve their technical SEO. Click here to register for GROW Foundation, or access the GTM Hub from here.

GROW Premium is a paid monthly subscription that gives partners access to weekly blogs to post on their websites, with supporting social content, email templates and sales battlecards. These blogs cover topics such as cybersecurity, digital transformation, and hybrid working. To find out more about GROW Premium, book a demo here, or contact your Account Manager.

No two businesses are the same and that’s why GROW Bespoke allows partners access to our team of marketing specialists for tailored campaign content creation. If you need support creating anything from an infographic to an eBook, we are here to help. To find out more, contact us today.

For partners that are looking to improve their online presence, our partners at Make Marketing Magic can offer a free Online Presence Assessment. Each assessment analyses over 200 data points and segments the data into easy-to-read insights and actionable takeaways. After the report is delivered, partners will receive an invite to have a deep dive into the findings with one of the Make Marketing Magic auditors. To request a free Online Presence Assessment, fill out this questionnaire, and the report will be ready within 5 days.

To find about more about GROW, or any of the other opportunities available to Vuzion partners, contact us today. Call us on 0333 009 5890  (Ireland +353 1 685 6191) or visit our website

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Looking to GROW your business? Here’s how Vuzion can help

Read our latest blog article on the importance of marketing, our top 5 marketing tips and how Vuzion can support your sales and mark...