Making remote working successful for employees

Pip Milburn
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Remote Working

Working from home, or distributed work, is starting to become more of a trend. The expansion of the internet has introduced the development of software such as Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a cloud-based VoIP system which further integrates with Office 365 to bring office systems together; enabling more workers to access their workplaces from home.

The same concept applies for Microsoft Teams, allowing users to access their work through either their browser or a desktop app. However, whilst remote work can be convenient, steps often need to be taken to keep employees effective and connected.

A social workplace

A key factor in keeping employees effective is making sure that they feel involved and active in the company in spite of the distance. Suggested methods include giving every employee vocal feedback when on a group call, holding team discussions, and talking to remote employees about non-work topics.

This will not only build a friendly rapport but also makes sure that they feel involved in the company in a non-work capacity. If employees are involved in an organisation socially, they’ll be far more likely to contribute as much as they can as they care about the success of their colleagues, rather than just completing assigned tasks. In this regard, more friendly and social chats in systems like Microsoft Teams could keep them feeling like a part of the company.

Time zones

If your company is international, extra considerations should be made for workers that are in different time zones. Whilst you may want to host meetings at a time that is most convenient for everyone at your headquarters, the timing could be awkward for someone on a different continent and potentially mean that to stay involved, they could have to be on a video call in the early morning.

Employees in these situations could feel forced out or that the company doesn’t properly care for them, so timing events with remote workers in mind can hugely benefit the company. This can be facilitated through shared calendars in Microsoft 365 or Teams, as long as communication between the company and workers is consistent.

With remote working technologies making significant strides in recent years, businesses can now maximise the potential of employees while they work from home. As remote working gets more popular, keeping your remote employees happy, involved and productive becomes a priority to keep your organisation efficient.

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