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Lucy Roberts
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Partner Marketing ManagerLucy Roberts, Vuzion Partner Marketing Manager, writes …

As we edge closer to the end of 2020, it’s not only a good time to reflect on the year behind us - and what has been a tough year - but also to start to refine marketing strategy for the year ahead.

I’ve spent some time this week thinking about the best way for MSPs and resellers to succeed with marketing in 2021, and drilled my thoughts down into five key tips:

1. Be consistently consistent

Consistency is key, both in frequency of content as well as tone and topic. Your content should be published in consistent intervals - we recommend publishing new content once a week around the same time. Your marketing content, across all your platforms, should be consistently personable and relatable. Make sure it’s topical and industry relevant, and that it evokes emotion in your target audience by providing them with a solution to a problem.

2. Talk about the pandemic, but don’t anchor your content to it

In almost every web article published since March, the first sentence mentions COVID. Whilst remaining topical in your content is very important, the pandemic doesn’t need to anchor every piece. In your next blog about adopting remote working solutions, try discussing the inevitability of increased remote working as IT innovation develops. This is an easy way for you to justify the importance of businesses preparing for long-term flexible working - not just during a pandemic.

3. Leverage video and audio content – more than you’re doing already

We have entered an audio-visual era. HubSpot states that putting a video on your website landing page can increase conversions by 80%, and video was the most utilised content type in 2019. Less concentration is required for the customer to digest the content, and you can get your tone and personality across in a matter of seconds. Video and audio content are also device compatible - no squinting to read an article on your phone.

But the main reason why video is so successful? Visual imagery can evoke stronger reactions and emotions than anything written. The Entrepreneur claims that ‘videos create a lasting impression because they stimulate human senses.’

4. Make your marketing message customer-centric

The products you resell are not your USP. The support, managed services and other value-added offerings are – leverage these unique areas about your business to make your marketing customer-centric. It’s not about what you can sell them, it’s about how you can help them. There’s no need to hard-sell across any of your platforms - if you align to a ‘problem-solution’ method of creating content then you will see heightened engagement.

5. Know more about your customers’ journeys and use that knowledge to better effect

2021 is the year to learn more about your target audience’s behaviours and preferences. Use analytics to understand how they navigate your website, and track what they spend time looking at. What triggers them to share their details with you? What prompts exits? The more insight you gain about your existing and potential customers’ preferences and interests, the more you can shape your campaigns to suit. Start small here – pick a customer segment or group and research their interactions with both your own business and others.

I’ll be continuing to post on marketing advice on the Vuzion website and in the Vuzion Partner Portal throughout 2021, as part of running our go-to-market programme, Vuzion GROW.

If you’d like more information about the programme, do please get in touch (call 0333 009 5939 or email We have a Foundation level that’s free for all Vuzion partners - while our Premium and Bespoke tiers offer a wide range of support, from creation of personalised, partner-branded content through to campaign creation and event promotion.

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