Microsoft 365 | April 2019 Update

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April’s Microsoft 365 updates include some new compliance and security capabilities, as well as features helping you to create engaging content and reach out across multiple languages.

Microsoft has released a video detailing the updates here or you can read on for a summary of the new features.

Compliance updates for sensitive data H2

This month’s updates included a number of new compliance capabilities to help users manage high-risk and sensitive data. You can now use Compliance Manager to create custom risk assessments for any application being used across your organisation. The Office 365 Security and Compliance Center has a new data investigation feature that allows you to search for high-risk content such as leaked data or phishing emails. Finally, Office 365 Advanced Message Encryption now allows admins to revoke and expire encrypted emails.

Multi-Geo Capabilities H3

Multinational organisations can now address their data residency requirements using Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365. Essentially this means controlling where the data from teams and individuals is stored at rest.

The new Security Policy Advisor service H4

April also saw a new service designed to help admins to determine the benefits and risks of a security policy tailor-made for the organisation. Security Policy Advisor is initially being introduced as a preview feature in Office 365 ProPlus. It employs behaviour-based analysis and allows the IT admins to deploy any such custom policy in a single click. The effects of the policy can be monitored over time and it can also be easily updated or rolled back when required.

Improved password security with Azure AD Password Protection H5

As of the April update, Azure AD Password Protection has now been made generally available. Passwords are a weak link in many organisations and this feature helps users to choose stronger and less vulnerable combinations.

The new Kaizala app for secure work messaging H6

Moving away from security and into end-user features, Microsoft Kaizala is being rolled out to Office 365 users and will also be introduced to Microsoft Teams starting in a year or so. The messaging and work management app allows you to engage securely with partners inside and outside the organisation, such as vendors, customers and contract workers.

Multi-language support for Editor in PowerPoint

You can now reach across linguistic divides with multi-language support for Editor in PowerPoint. This includes support for multiple languages in the same slide and can provide grammar and word choice suggestions. This could be very handy, whether you have to deliver a global presentation or are working on a multilingual lesson plan.

There are also over 350 new icons to choose from in PowerPoint. Users are now able to recolour them without losing quality, and also separate them into individual components meaning you can use only the elements you want.

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