Microsoft 365 | August 2019 Update

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August saw many new updates for Microsoft 365, all aimed at making this powerful solution better in terms of productivity, collaboration and security in the digital workplace. Here's everything you need to know about the August 2019 updates.

Work faster and easier

New features have been brought into Excel to make data searches and calculation times simpler so that you can swiftly visualise important information. The feedback about VLOOKUP in Excel was heard, and the new XLOOKUP has come in to succeed both the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulae. It harnesses recent backend modifications to improve calculation time and is now available for Office Insiders.

Sketched Shapes has come in to help with the issue of expressing work-in-progress models and diagrams. It's a new Office style that can transform standard shapes in Word, PowerPoint and Excel into rough outlines that resemble sketches. It's ideal for drafting designs, building wireframes or simply adding an artistic element.

PowerPoint on the web has been upgraded with the Superscript, Subscript and Change Case functions that were previously only available in the Desktop App. This aims to make it easier for professionals, as well as students and educators, to communicate information like equations via PowerPoint for the web.

Working on the move

Updates to Yammer, OneNote and Office make it easier to find answers without interrupting your workflow. Microsoft OneNote for iPad now supports adding graphs, shapes and Outlook meeting details. On iPhone, the OneNote app now has a function to annotate notes with Ink, so you can easily use your finger or a stylus to annotate with ease.

The Yammer mobile experience has been enhanced with live events, updated feed, group search and conversations views, along with enhanced encryption and more to both the iOS and Android apps. The new experience feels very modern, with less visual clutter and improved readability on the go. Seen Counts tells you how many people have viewed your messages and group search cuts down the time it takes to find important information.

Microsoft Outlook Mobile and now have Dark Mode to make viewing easier on the eyes and to extend battery life. It also helps you use your device comfortably in darkened environments.

Enhanced IT management

FastTrack deployment guidance streamlines the process of migrating to Windows 10. It helps with the upgrade from Windows 7/Office 2010 to Windows 10 Enterprise/Office 365 ProPlus. It's available to all eligible customers, and you can learn more from Microsoft's mechanics video. Additionally, you can now easily meet data residency needs with new Microsoft datacenter capabilities for new Teams customers in South Korea. Multi-Geo capabilities are now available to South Africa- and UAE-based customers who have a minimum of 500 Office 365 services subscriptions. Your Microsoft representative will be able to give you the details.

Other new additions

  • New capabilities to simplify the activation experience for Office 365 ProPlus, as well as Home and Personal.
  • Microsoft InTune is now supporting FileVault disk encryption for Apple macOS, protecting against unauthorised access to information.
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection now has general availability to Office 365 US Government customers.

Stay tuned for the next round of updates, and if you’d like to know more, get in touch with the team today!

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