Microsoft 365 | February 2019 Update

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The latest update to Microsoft 365 has arrived, and there are some great new features and enhancements to take advantage of.

To see the detailed updates take a look at the following video:

Here are some of the key updates...

The mobile experience for Firstline Workers

Earlier in the year the mobile experience provided by Microsoft Teams was upgraded to make it more customisable. While this was already available to everyone, it's a particularly useful feature for Firstline Workers. As such, the feature has been further expanded to ensure businesses have the best possible collaboration and communication with their workers and frontline teams on the move.

February’s Microsoft 365 update provides Teams with even greater security when it comes to communicating and creating collaborative workflows. Now you can expect to see priority alerts notifying you if a message that's waiting is urgent. Alerts will come through to both desktop and mobile devices, and repeat for as long as 20 minutes, every 2 minutes, until you become aware of the waiting message and respond.

The benefits of urgent message alerts to healthcare professionals

This system will be especially useful for those working in health and wellness settings, although it will soon be a feature every organisation can benefit from. Clinicians, for example, have situations that are time sensitive for a number of reasons. Let's say a patient has high blood sugar levels. They send a message to their on-call physician using the new priority notification system. That physician will immediately see that the message is a high priority, check it, and respond promptly, making sure the necessary care that a patient urgently needs is delivered exactly when they need it - not an hour later when the doctor next checks their phone.

Without that immediate reply, provided as a result of a priority notification tag which constantly nagged at them until they read it, the patient could have suffered serious repercussions. And this is just one example of how useful this system can be.

Introducing message delegation

Another great new feature to roll out with the latest update is message delegation. This is a nifty option that enables the recipient of a message to delegate actioning it to another team member if they are unavailable to handle it.

Returning to the healthcare example for a moment, if a nurse sent a message to a physician, and the doctor is caught up with another patient, they can instantly reply to let them know who is available to cover, how to reach them, and immediately delegate the situation to someone capable of responding promptly. It's a little like the Out of Office feature on Microsoft Outlook, but with the ability to send bespoke replies depending on the nature of the incoming message.

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