Microsoft 365 | January 2019 Update

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We have rounded up some of the best new features from the January Microsoft 365 updates below. For a more detailed overview of all the latest updates, please see the official Microsoft update video below:


Teams gets a makeover

Surely one of the best-loved tools within Microsoft 365 for many of your customers is Teams. This platform makes collaborating and sharing information simple across an organisation. With this in mind, users will be pleased to hear about a few new updates to Teams.

Firstly, there is the new Shifts feature that has been developed to replace the current Staff hub in Teams. This allows first line managers to create working schedules, edit them and share them with their staff. This feature is also open to first line workers who can use it to view their working schedule, notify managers of availability or ask for time off.

First line workers can now also edit their navigation route within Teams. This update will allow them to have the tools that they use most at their fingertips for more efficient working practices.

Outlook and LinkedIn get together

Your customers will love this new update that brings extra functionality into their Outlook application. They will now have the ability to hover over a contacts name in Outlook and automatically see an overview of that person's LinkedIn profile.

MS forms to boost training

Video is considered to be a useful tool when implementing staff training. Microsoft have now integrated Microsoft Forms within Microsoft Stream, enabling you to send out surveys as soon as the training is complete to assess effectiveness.

It does not end there for Microsoft Stream though! New integration with PowerPoint means users can now embed rich video content in presentations to make them more engaging.

Yammer conversations get an update

One very exciting update for this month is the ability to include any Yammer conversation from a user, group or home feed onto pretty much any SharePoint page, article or site. This is in the form of the fully interactive Yammer conversation which your customers will be sure to love.

More security with 365 updates

As a Cloud-based service, Microsoft 365 takes online security and data privacy seriously. New updates in this area for January 2019 include a Compliance Centre. This new feature makes it easy for compliance professionals working in 365 to conduct risk assessments and protect sensitive data.

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