Microsoft 365 | July 2019 Update

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The Microsoft 365 updates have been announced, and there's a wide array of updates to optimise and improve Microsoft's solution for the digital workplace. Let's get right into it:


First up are the improvements to detect and protect against cybersecurity threats. Admins will be happy to learn about the new password-less access feature in Azure AD. There are a number of password-less credentials you can use, all of which help protect against hackers and breaches. Additionally, Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) is now available to the general public, helping users to discover, prioritise and remediate security vulnerabilities in their systems.

Productivity and collaboration

In terms of productivity and collaboration, there are several updates to sink your teeth in to. First of all, Microsoft Quick Poll is now accommodated in Outlook, so you can get quality feedback on your emails. Also, on Outlook for the web, you can now easily book meeting rooms.

Yammer now has a new feature that helps important questions stand out from the chatter in groups. Specifically, when a question is asked, an admin or moderator can select a 'Best Answer' to make it quicker and easier for people to find the information they need.

Collaboration through Microsoft To-Do has now improved thanks to a new feature in shared to-do lists. You can now assign specific 'to-do' tasks to individuals in the group, so that everyone knows their own tasks and the lists get worked through more efficiently.

Excel has now been given new charts to help better visualise rich data - definitely worth exploring if you regularly use charts in presentations.

IT management

The public preview of Desktop Analytics is now available. It's a cloud service that allows you to make informed decisions about the readiness of your Windows clients ahead of updates for Windows 10 deployments. IT admins can also enjoy a new and improved Office apps experience in virtual environments. This means the performance and experience of various Office apps will be improved in multi-user, virtual office environments. It's available - at no extra cost - to Microsoft 365 customers.


  • Outlook on the web is now faster and smoother than ever before.
  • The OneDrive personal Vault has arrived, enabling users to create highly secure vaults within their OneDrive for the storage of sensitive information and documents.
  • Several updates to Microsoft Teams enable users to prioritise time-sensitive information, improve management of interactions across teams and schedules, and simplify the IT management of teams.
  • New Outlook tips and tricks for small businesses are available to help users get the most out of their Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • Office 365 services are now available in South Africa from a brand new datacentre in Johannesburg.

That's everything for July. Keep checking back for new update breakdowns, as Microsoft always listen to feedback and introduce new updates to help improve the experience of their products. If you'd like a more in depth update, why not join our monthly Modern Workplace town hall webinar! Sign up via our events page. 

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