Microsoft 365 | May 2019 Update

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Microsoft 365 May 2019

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s new business bundle that combines Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security for one complete, intelligent solution. That means there’s plenty of scope for updates and May brought plenty of changes, including new compliance tools, app updates and new features.

To see the full extent of the updates, watch Microsoft’s update video here: 

Here’s our rundown of what’s new in Microsoft 365 for May…

New developer capabilities

A number of new developer capabilities were announced at Microsoft Build last month, including:

  • Microsoft Search – This uses AI from Bing and insights from Microsoft Graph to help you find people, content, commands, and activities right across Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft Graph data connect – Available through Workplace Analytics, this service helps your organisation to develop work pattern insights by combining their own business data with Graph’s productivity data.
  • Windows Terminal – The two features mentioned above are available now. This new terminal application is in preview and is designed to improve the experience for users of command-line tools and shells.

App updates

There were also plenty of app updates in May. These included:

  • Dark Mode in OneNote for Windows 10 – The digital note-taking app now has a new mode allowing you to use a darker screen canvass and adjust the colour scheme. This can help reduce eye fatigue during prolonged use of the app.
  • A new experience in MyAnalytics – Improvements to MyAnalytics focus on the four key areas of network, collaboration, focus, and wellbeing. The 365 team offered the interesting example of an insight that previously monitored the time you spent on emails, chats and calls outside work. The improved experience can now show how many days you actually managed to disconnect from work.
  • Add data to Excel from a photo – This handy feature means you can now take a snap of a data table with the Excel app on an iOS device and this will be converted to a complete table in Excel that you can then work on and edit.
  • Add Microsoft Forms content into Stream videos – You can now create more engaging videos by seamlessly adding forms, quizzes and polling from Microsoft Forms directly into your Microsoft Stream vids.
  • Microsoft To-Do and Planner – You can now use To-Do to view all your tasks, deadlines and details right across your 365 service.

Additionally, at the SharePoint Conference in May, Microsoft announced a number of other updates coming our way over the summer. These include a new SharePoint landing page experience, a question and answer feature in Yammer and the ability to securely record, share or upload videos using the Microsoft Stream mobile app.

Record management and privacy

Organisations can now use Microsoft 365 to manage data from third party sources like Twitter or Facebook, archiving the data within the Microsoft Cloud. New records management capabilities also allow you to easily manage business, legal, and HR records in a single location. New intelligent data models can also help you to classify data and monitor inappropriate conduct, such as offensive language used across parts of the system.

Finally, Azure Active Directory can now help you govern employee and business partner access to resources with new auditing and compliance controls.

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