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Microsoft 365 is an easy way to access the world-class products you rely on. This subscription provides the full suite of Office 365 programs along with Windows 10 and EMS tech. Technology is always developing and the suite of programs and products contained in 365 is no different. Here are the latest updates for September 2019 to get up to speed with.

Transcribe or record audio files in Word

Most people spend lots of time having to transcribe audio recordings into Word documents. To help make this much quicker and easier, a new feature will allow users in Word to upload existing audio recordings or record new ones on the go. Once the recordings are uploaded into Word, Azure Speech Services show a written transcription of the audio in the side panel to edit or bring into a document. This feature is set to be widely available in early 2020.

Excel advancements for tablet users

Another handy update in Microsoft 365 due for Spring 2020 concerns how Excel is used. The issue with traditional methods is that you need to be sat at your desk or end up walking around awkwardly balancing a laptop as you type. New functionality will allow you to use your digital pen to write, delete and edit direct into Excel on your tablet.

Reply to comments wherever you are

Many of the new updates for Microsoft 365 relate to making it more usable and efficient. This is certainly the case with the changes Microsoft have made to the Ink Editor. If you have a device which has a touch interface or microphone, you can create new ink comments of your own straight from the 'Comment' pane. If you would rather, you can use the dictation feature to do this instead.

Office and Surface set for closer integration

Some of the newest updates planned are there to work with the hardware advancements made to Surface tablets themselves. The audio and dictation updates we have already looked at, for example, will be made much more powerful by the new studio mics in the Pro 7. In addition to this, Office applications like Word will show what you can do with any Surface accessory on screen.

Improvements made to ink in PowerPoint

Microsoft has also listened to customer feedback in order to offer several updates to inking in PowerPoint. This will include the ability to replay already drawn ink in a Slide Show and the start of bringing ink to MS Office for the web, beginning with PowerPoint. MS Whiteboard has also undergone some changes too. There are now new templates in this app which help you to manage meetings which need SWOT analysis or KANBAN planning. The best thing about these new templates is that they come already set-up so you can start using them with no fuss.

That's about all there is for updates to Microsoft 365 in September 2019! Keep an eye out for the next batch in October or give us a call today if you have any questions.

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