Microsoft announces CSP incentives for H2, FY19

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Craig Gordon, Head of Vuzion, writes …

Craig GordonAre you one of the 58% of partners that receives rebate from Microsoft?

If you are, please find below, details of changes to the rebates for FY19 H2.

If you’re not, you should be! Read on to see what you’re missing out on. 

Microsoft has global and local incentives to support CSP resellers and help drive reseller growth. In fact, these particular incentives are so generous, they can match and even better the initial upfront margin provided by Vuzion.

And great news – Microsoft is moving all incentive programmes to a single platform, which you can find in Partner Center, in the dashboard section. To access the platform, you will need to assign an Incentives Administrator, with this Administrator the only person able to enrol in incentive programmes.

The platform will make managing the rebates easier and allow you to see your earnings.

However, the incentives can be complicated to navigate, and so we’ve outlined below the main points about the new incentives for FY19 H2.

The main Microsoft CSP H2 FY19 Incentives:

  • Rebates on non-cloud software subscriptions are now here!
  • Most Office 365 SKUs are now 6% instead of 8%
  • Global strategic SKUs are still 8%, and now include Business Premium, E3 and E5
  • Local accelerator for Azure is now 2% (was 5%)
  • Local Azure accelerators are huge! Earn June’s full revenue back (starts from $1,000 spend – no cap) per new client
  • Local M365 – receive an extra $20 per net set add from January until 30 June 30 (minimum increase applies)
  • New D365 – for any new customer with 15 seats or more, receive $2,000 additional rebate per customer
  • Finally, 2% more for any net new CSP customer.

  Vuzion Incentive Start

And for a little more detail:

Global Incentives

Global incentives are now paid monthly (45 days after the end of the month).

Microsoft Incentive Global Rates

*Such as EMS, Office 365 Business Premium, E3 and E5, Windows Intune, CRM Online, Dynamics Cloud offerings, and Azure

Global product specific

Microsoft Incentives Global Accelerators

Local Accelerators

Local incentives are paid at the end of their relevant period, not monthly

Microsoft Incentive EU EFTA Accelerators


Azure Incentives


Microsoft 365 Incentives

Dynamics 365 SMB CSP

Dynamics 365 Incentives

Paid at end of period - 90 days.

Eligibility for Microsoft incentives

There are 2 prerequisites to qualify for these incentives:

  1. To have a MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) account with an up-to-date profile 
  2. To have attained and consistently retained one relevant active competency for the solution(s) area. Resellers are only eligible for the incentive for the area in which the competency is held – and, so, if you sell both Azure and Office 365, for example, you should typically hold at least one competency for each.

    Vuzion Microsoft Incentives competency requirements


Once qualification criteria above is met, you need to complete your incentive on-boarding:

  1. You should receive an invitation from the Microsoft Operations team.
  2. You then need to onboard or migrate your membership to the PartnerCenter Dashboard
  3. You will need to assign an Incentive Administrator
  4. Update your bank and tax details! This might seem an obvious step – but quite often, overlooked – and without it, Microsoft cannot pay the incentive.

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