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Microsoft's new Dynamics 365 allows for businesses to have more control over their marketing than ever before. The new update includes a plethora of brand new features, all designed to allow you to create more sophisticated, targeted marketing campaigns. In this blog post, we're going to go over some of the key features that are to be expected with the new software, as well as a general overview of Dynamics 365 for marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing

The purpose of Microsoft's new update is to create an application that allows businesses to automate their marketing processes with ease. This new app will work smoothly with other programmes produced by Microsoft, including Dynamics 365 for sales, so will fit seamlessly into your current business model. It's every business's dream to turn potential prospects into working business relationships with ease, and in a way that doesn't require a lot of extra time from employees.

Dynamics 365 is designed to fulfil this very purpose. It uses business intelligence to collate all of your data, business processes and marketing content and then uses these to deliver an impressive, customised customer experience. So, what can we expect from this new app?

Organise events with ease

One of the most complicated parts of running a successful business is creating events that are convenient for everyone to attend, from members of your team to potential clients. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will do all the hard work for you, thanks to its ability to store all the required information (including possible venues, ticketing options, speakers and general logistics requirements) in one place.

This means you'll be able to quickly create an online portal, where guests can review all the event information and let you know if they'll be able to come. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing will also help you to integrate said events into your marketing campaigns to generate more interest.

Support your marketing initiatives with customised online content

Through the easily customised templates available with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing package, your business will be able to create innovative dynamic content for your email campaigns. By creating a stronger online identity for your brand, your business will be able to achieve more conversions than ever before.

Whether you're setting up lead scoring to establish the success of your current campaigns and build upon this, or personalising the message to appeal to your clients on a more individual basis, Dynamics 365 for Marketing simplifies and automates these processes to help you spend more time on other aspects of the business.

Prioritise and nurture leads

Any successful business knows that lead generation is only one part of marketing success. To create a campaign that actually works, you'll then need to prioritise and nurture leads based on the business relationships that will prove most beneficial. This can be a time-consuming process, but fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 automates this process for you.

With the Customer Journey Designer tool, you'll be able to create personalised campaigns with a simple drag and drop tool. Each of your contacts will then follow an independent path based on their requirements, and the follow-up activities, email messages and workflows, among other aspects of the campaign, will be tailored to them. In this way, you'll be able to nurture your leads and analyse the results of your lead campaigns to create more fruitful long-term business relationships.

When it comes to focusing in on the particular leads you want to carry out these personalised campaigns on, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing has got you covered there too. With automated-lead scoring, you'll be able to quickly work out which leads interact most frequently with your existing events and marketing campaigns. Leads such as this will then be automatically signposted to a salesperson, who will then be able to act fast while the lead is still hot.

An application that fits around your business needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing is far from a one-size-fits-all application. Not only are there plenty of easily customised features already built into the app, but the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also be easily expanded thanks to the wealth of third-party packages available with Microsoft marketplace. 

The features listed here are just some of the capabilities available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Whether you want to tap into the world of LinkedIn, create more in-depth analyses of your marketing return on investment, or better understand the needs and expectations of your customers through actionable survey results, this new update really does have it all.

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