Microsoft Azure | August 2019 Update

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As one of Microsoft’s most rapidly evolving and innovating platforms, Azure is continually updating with new functionalities and tools for improvement, diagnostics and more. With the latest updates, Microsoft has added even more capabilities to the system, offering users more significant support, improved infrastructure and much more.

Here are the updates and innovations Microsoft has carried out for Azure in August 2019:

Azure Cost Management

While the Cost Management updates to Azure mainly took place at the tail end of August, Microsoft has continued to add further functionalities to the system both for partners and their customers via new capabilities within the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) as well as PAYG subscriptions through the marketplace. For full information about all the new functionalities and updates within Azure Cost Management, see the July update.

Updates to High Availability Add-Ons for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

A crucial element for production environments, High Availability is a must for use with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On. Pacemaker is one of the updated additions to the system, adding robust functionality and resource management to reduce downtime for customers, by decreasing failover issues within Azure. This update has been made available to RHEL 7.4+ using either of the available subscription models.

Also, the RHEL system is now fully available for PAYG subscriptions complete with the High Availability add-on via the Azure marketplace, including RHEL for SAP images as well as additional support via the Microsoft integrated support team.

Azure SDK August 2019 preview

Second previews for Azure SDKs are now available, in line with the API patterns and guidelines. This preview includes bug fixes, additional instructions as well as new features for users. Some select new features include expanded message support for Event Hubs, as well as further support for Storage Libraries in both Java and Python. Updates have also been made to improve the consistency between all available APIs, allowing SDKs to be easier to learn and remember across different languages.

Azure Archive Storage expanded capabilities

In response to the high level of interest in the Azure Archive Storage since its launch earlier in the year, Microsoft has worked on creating a more cost-effective scalable service complete with more straightforward functionality and faster management. As part of this update, the cost of Azure Archive Storage has been reduced by as much as 50% in some areas, and several new features have been introduced.

These features include the ability to complete priority retrieval within Azure Archive, as standard or high priorities, as well as the tiering of objects within the system and their retrieval as hot, cool or archive. Finally, CopyBlob has enhanced capabilities to make it more functional in regards to the new tiering system and scalability of the platform.

Azure Migrate Server Assessment update

Another one of the vital and valuable tools that Azure offers, the Azure Migrate Service Assessment system has additional capabilities to streamline the migration process as a whole. These capabilities include a suitability analysis, in addition to functionality such as cost estimation and dependency analysis.

With Azure producing so many innovations and introducing new capabilities each month, it’s no surprise that the platform is more popular and streamlined than ever. Keep checking back to discover new updates as they happen month per month, or get in contact with us if you have any questions about the latest features Azure has to offer.

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