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As an ever-expanding collection of integrated cloud services for developers and IT professionals, Microsoft Azure experiences a constant stream of updates.

Here we present a round-up of updates from June 2017, from the earliest announced to the most recent:

In-Memory OLTP Update

The general availability of In-Memory OLTP technology in Azure SQL Database was announced back in November 2016 and in June a string of improvements were implemented. These included the removal of the 8 index limit for memory-optimised tables and the limit on the number of commit dependencies. The sp_rename procedure is now supported for renaming memory-optimized objects. The CASE expression, CROSS APPLY operator, and all JSON functions can now be used in native T-SQL modules and computed columns can be used in memory-optimised tables.

Public Preview of Azure Active Directory B2C Support for 36 Languages

Language customisation is in public preview with support provided for 36 different languages. You can request a specific language by using the ui_locales OIDC parameter, create a list that responds to your customer’s detected browser language and upload your own customisations for any string or language.

Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE) Support for Managed Disks

Storage Service Encryption (SSE), which provides at-rest encryption and helps safeguard data, is now for Azure Managed Disks. From June 10 all new managed disks, snapshots, and images will be automatically encrypted at rest. Encryption keys are managed by Microsoft and SSE can help you to improve data security and meet compliance commitments.

Azure Automation To Use The Latest Modules In Your Account

Currently Azure Automation uses whichever version of your modules was in place for scheduled runbook jobs when the schedule was created. This is changing so that Azure Automation will select the latest modules present in your automation account when a new scheduled job runs. The change is being phased in by region and UK customers should see the change on July 17.

New Azure Traffic Manager Features Generally Available

Two new features for Azure Traffic Manager. Fast Failover provides a faster redirection away from an unhealthy endpoint by allowing you to reduce the time taken for Traffic Manager to check endpoint health status, configure the number of failures tolerated before an endpoint is marked unhealthy, to configure the time-out interval for each probe attempt and to set the TTL response all the way down to zero.

TCP Probing can allow Azure Traffic Manager to check endpoint health using a TCP connection request.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Support For MSSQL-Scripter

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is supported in the latest release of MSSQL-Scripter. The scripter can be used on different operating systems to generate data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) T-SQL scripts. It can then be executed in existing SQL Database or SQL Data Warehouse deployment processes.

Azure SQL Databases Only Accessible Through The Azure Portal

The Azure portal has been generally available since 2015. From July 1 2017, Azure SQL databases are only accessible via the Azure portal. You will no longer be able to manage your databases using the previous Azure classic portal.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports IDENTITY

The IDENTITY property for the creation of surrogate keys is now supported in Azure SQL Data Warehouse. IDENTITY can create surrogate keys simply and effectively without impacting load performance.

Service Fabric SDK 2.6.220 and Runtime 5.6.220 Refresh For Windows Released

Azure Service Fabric SDK Version 2.6.220 was made available on June 27. Service Fabric Runtime Version 5.6.220 was also rolled out to Azure clusters globally. The Service Fabric 5.6.220 Standalone for Windows Server was also made available for download. The release was a refresh of the 5.6/2.6 release with a selection of bug fixes, largely involving the runtime for the DNS Service and issues with the host OS DNS cache. It also contained fixes related to resource governance and replication.

Previews of Azure Service Fabric SDK and Service Fabric Runtime for Linux

A minor update was released for the SDK (Version and Runtime (Version previews on Linux. The update contains a number of feature improvements and bug fixes including several fixes to the runtime and SDK that are not customer visible.

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