Microsoft Azure Updates | July 2018

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June 2018’s Microsoft Azure updates feature some great enhancements to established features, as well as new support systems to improve tools’ usability. Read on to find out about the best new updates of the month:

New support for event based triggers with Azure Data Factory

Event driven architecture (EDA) is a much-used integration pattern that includes the detection, consumption, and production of events, as well as the reaction to them. To support your event based triggers, Microsoft has just announced updates to Azure Data Factory that will allow you to easily create an event based trigger with a data factory pipeline. In other words, as soon as a file drops into your relevant storage location and a corresponding blob is created, you data factory pipeline will be triggered and run an event.

Azure Storage Blobs now come with immutable storage

With many financial services, organisations are required to retain business communications in an immutable (write-once-read-many) format that is non-erasable and resistant to modification, meaning Microsoft’s recent announcement of its public preview of immutable storage for Azure Storage Blobs will likely be welcomed with open arms.

The feature is accessible in every Azure public region and is designed to help companies stay in line with compliance policies. Users will receive the best data protection possible, as the Azure Blobs feature ensures that data cannot be altered by any user, including those with administrative authority.

New Copy Data Tool makes Azure Data ingestion much easier

Azure Data Factory, a tool which allows users to integrate, prep, cleanse, and process data sets for analytic purposes, has been updated with some great new enhancements. Updates to the Copy Data Tool, which swiftly sets up pipelines to accomplish speedy data loading tasks, mean it is now easier than ever to ingest data on a large scale.

Updates to Azure Data Lake Analytics promise fantastic data processing capabilities

Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) is a PaaS service in Azure that can transform large amounts of data without the need for a server. June has brought with it some great new offers from ADLA, meaning it is now capable of processing a range of file formats (including Parquet) at an unprecedented scale. In fact, the programme can now process hundreds of thousands of files with only one U-SQL job.

Brand new dashboard for Security Center Overview

The Azure Security Center dashboard has received some great new updates to allow users to collate organisation level reports across subscriptions, detailing vital metrics that may influence a company’s security posture. These updates allow it to offer actionable insights to help organisations plan ahead and save time. What’s more, the dashboard now features two new concepts, including a subscription coverage metric and a policy compliance metric.

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