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Last month, Microsoft Azure was updated with some great new features to help clients better manage their data and services. These include updates to the Load Balancer platform, SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Files. Read on to find out how these updates will benefit you, your colleagues and clients.

Load Balancer platform receives update 

The Load Balancer platform has recently been enhanced to make it more efficient and intuitive for users. Many new abilities for client workloads have been added with the Standard Load Balancer. Most notably, the Load Balancer now features a simplified and more reliable outbound port allocation algorithm. Although this feature was already a part of the Standard Load Balancer, it is now being rolled out across the rest of Azure.

SQL Data Warehouse updated 

SQL Sever Management Studio’s Graphical Execution Plan tool is now compatible with SQL Data Warehouse, meaning that you can easily and swiftly generate a graphical representation on SQL Data Warehouse of a distributed query plan. Prior to this update, it was complicated and tedious using the troubleshooting option for SQL Data Warehouse. Indeed, it required users to run EXPLAIN command, which took up valuable time.

Now, however, users of SQL Data Warehouse can debug query plans logically and visibly in order to spot any performance bottlenecks straight away via the SSMS window. In this way, the query troubleshooting process is made better. Expensive data movement transactions can be easily viewed, an important feature as these can be the most frequent culprits for drawn out, distributed query plans.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech clients benefit from new solutions for meeting GxP regulations

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies now have the option of viewing a comprehensive collection of GxP qualification guidelines laid out exclusively for Azure users. Indeed, these useful guidelines allow organisations within the field of life sciences access to a detailed list of building solutions that adhere to regulations for good practice.

There are a number of technology platforms and systems that require validation of compliance with good practice guidelines. These include Good Clinical Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, and Good Manufacturing Practices. In order to qualify, these systems should be able to demonstrate that they are able to adhere to all requisite good practice guidelines. Although adherence can be complicated, the new guidelines set out for Azure users should make the process of compliance somewhat easier.

File shares granted enhanced backup solutions

Azure Files, a file sharing cloud-first platform which supports SMB protocol laid out by the industry, is now available for public preview. The preview allows users to experience a native backup option for file shares on Azure, an important addition which should encourage the adoption of the platform. Files can now be secured easily and safely using the Azure Backup and Recovery Services vault. Users can rest assured that their files are secured and that, if need be, they can revert back to a previous time immediately.

Microsoft Azure partners up with Cray 

Microsoft Azure has recently partnered up with Cray, a manufacturer of supercomputers. This is an exciting prospect for a whole range of clients in different fields and for different use cases. With Cray, Azure users are afforded the performance and scalability necessary to complete demanding workloads and deadlines.

Cray’s place in the Microsoft Azure cloud allows users access to a fully managed supercomputer in a data centre courtesy of Azure. This means Cray is able to maintain your system and get rid of costs associated with data centres.

ExpressRoute monitoring with Network Performance Monitor available to all

ExpressRoute monitoring with Network Performance Monitor is now available to all. Azure ExpressRoute continues to undergo work to make it the best that it can be, but in the meantime, users are encouraged to check out what it can do for them.

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