Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller incentives July 2020 - a summary

Craig Gordon
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Craig Gordon, Head of Vuzion, writes …

Microsoft has today announced details of the CSP Indirect Reseller incentives for July-December 2020 - and the good news is, we still have the same incentives carrying forward until October.

If you weren’t able to attend Microsoft’s online meeting, or would like a recap, I’m summarising the key points:

KEY ACTIONS for you: Get ready to claim for your co-op, and ensure you are registered for Microsoft Commerce Incentives to receive the incentive from Azure Plan

1. Incentives 1 July-31 September 2020: The CSP Indirect Reseller incentives remain as they have been since 1 October 2019 and will continue up to 30 September 2020. As a reminder the rates are in the table below. Microsoft is expected to make a further announcement in August 2020 about what the incentive rates will be from 1 October 2020.

Microsoft incentives July 2020
Microsoft incentives July 2020

2. Registering: Microsoft stressed the importance of making sure that you’re registered to receive CSP incentives. There are two steps to note:

  • First of all, ensure you’re signed up in the Microsoft Partner Center as an Indirect Reseller eligible to receive the incentives.


  • As part of the Microsoft platform modernisation programme, the existing Microsoft Azure service (legacy Azure) will shortly be made end of life by Microsoft. Legacy Azure will be replaced by a new service Azure Plan - and if you want more details about this, you can find them on our blog, Why Microsoft Azure Plan is a good thing for you, and in our short eGuide, Azure Plan.

Register now, if you haven’t already, for the Azure Plan Incentives, known as Microsoft New Commerce in Partner Center. When Vuzion moves subscriptions over to Azure Plan, you’ll be already set up to receive incentives (and if you’re not purchasing from Vuzion please speak to your Indirect Provider).

3. Rebates and co-op:

  • There is a 60%-40% split between rebate and co-op.
  • Co-op claims for July 2020 onwards can be made from 15 August. Remember to make them at least monthly from then on so you don’t lose out. The incentive period ends 31 December 2020, but claims can be made up until 15 February 2021 - although only of course for activities that took place 1 July - 31 December 2020. And remember, too - if you don’t claim, you’ll lose it!

4. Reserved Instances (RI): it’s important to remember that incentives are calculated not on how you pay, but on consumption - so make sure you’ve deployed, and everything’s turned on!

5. More incentive money in CSP: Microsoft is investing more money into the CSP program and incentives than ever before.

6. Support: Microsoft outlined the various forums for support - such as registering for their newsletter, for community calls, on the Microsoft Partner Community Forum (MPC) and signing up to receive their blogs. They also off a specific path for help with partner incentives.

Microsoft incentives July 2020

If you’d like more information about the incentives, or any of the programs mentioned, do speak with your account manage or any of the support team hear at Vuzion.

And if you’re not signed up as a Vuzion partner, we can still help - just get in touch via our quick and easy to complete incentives query form.

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