Microsoft Dynamics 365 | December 2018 update

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Throughout the winter months, Microsoft Dynamics continues to innovate with news, updates, and business partnerships that illustrate how this software can revolutionise commercial enterprises.

Microsoft Dynamics provides crucial performance data

Microsoft Dynamics has released a feature on Macdonald-Miller, a HVAC provider in the Pacific Northwest, to illustrate how its powerful field service features can transform business efficiency.

Through a dynamic partnership with Azure IoT and ICONICS building software, Microsoft Dynamics was able to help streamline the daily routine of this heating and air conditioning specialist. From scheduling to problem solving, this technology allowed Macdonald-Miller to simplify and improve his business structure and performance while also getting a 282% return on his original investment.

The power of strategic software solutions has never been more clear than in this implementation of Microsoft Dynamics' field service provision - read more.

Relationship sales in action with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is placing itself at the forefront of intuitive, technology driven marketing and sales with its focus on relationship selling and its partnership with firms such as LinkedIn. Companies can benefit from a range of services, such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in order to achieve a comprehensive sales strategy.

Firms looking to enhance their sales technique and adopt a more customer-focused approach can opt for the Microsoft Relationship Sales package - read more

Annual reflections on Microsoft Dynamics and future plans

In addition to a thorough rundown of the year's updates and achievements, Microsoft Dynamics has also highlighted a few more future developments to look out for soon. In particular, Microsoft HoloLens will be an important area to focus on with its 3D training mechanisms for businesses who need to update and optimise their staff instruction protocols.

There's also mention of further integration with IoT devices and computer vision tools, as well as a plan to expand Microsoft Dynamics' role in mixed reality during the upcoming year.

Sign up for a Microsoft 365 webinar on recruitment

As the world becomes more driven by technology, the process of finding and hiring the best employees becomes more challenging and competitive. Microsoft Dynamics is offering a webinar on how to use its solution-focused software to acquire the right personnel efficiently and easily.

If you're interested in enhancing your firm's recruitment potential, explore the details here.

Another learning opportunity

Lastly, there's an opportunity to gain some insight into how the rise of technology, and the subsequent acquisition of data, can help provide a streamlined and efficient customer service experience.

The webinar is being led by Esteban Kolsky from ThinkJar, and you can learn more or sign up here.

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