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In today’s workplace, giving employees flexibility over how they work and accountability for business decisions results in fewer sick days and higher staff retention. Good staff morale helps develop a sustainable and positive working culture, as well as increased brand loyalty – helping businesses stay ahead of competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business is a cloud-based solution that supports employees in feeling valued and working in the most efficient way. This, in turn, produces more positive business outcomes and relationships with customers.

Staff can access the platform wherever they are working, as it integrates with existing processes to increase user satisfaction and productivity, and aids in collaboration over key business decisions. These capabilities ultimately allow businesses to:

  • Redesign business models and products, based on intelligence into how they work and where improvements can be made
  • Optimise processes and operations, so that staff can work more efficiently and with greater satisfaction
  • Improve engagement with customers, through either giving customers external licences so that files can be shared, or through integration with business intelligence tools, to produce reports and insights into products that are working well, and areas for development
  • Empower staff to feel confident in making best-for-business decisions, equipped with the tools that they need to analyse data and trends to make the right choices.

A single platform for file sharing and business intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business is a new suite of capabilities enabling businesses to store and share files in the cloud, to drive efficiencies and productivity. Users are able to access data stored in a single platform to use in a variety of business scenarios.

This set of cloud applications enables:

  • Flexibility: as the platform is scalable, businesses can update processes in real time, to adapt to the changing needs of their organisation. This allows them to keep up with current trends so they’re not restricted by legacy technology
  • Customisable: applications have been designed to relate to different roles and sectors, so that businesses can grow at a pace suitable for them and are not paying for technology that they do not need. The optimum aim is for the entire business to be run in the cloud, for ease of access across the organisation
  • Integration: Dynamics 365 for Business can be integrated into other applications, such as Word and Outlook, enabling greater alignment and productivity
  • Business intelligence: built into processes, business intelligence tools have been integrated with Dynamics 365 for Business so that they can better analyse data to enable more informed decisions

The Business edition of Dynamics 365 has been designed by Microsoft for organisations of 10-250 employees. The Enterprise edition is for organisations of over 250 employees.

Efficiently managing core business functions 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business works by bringing together Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions into one cloud-based solution to manage core business activities. Purpose-built applications manage areas such as customer insight, marketing and field service, to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between teams and to support organisations in keeping an edge over their competitors.

The platform operates using a common data model to support the services and apps so that they can connect seamlessly with processes already established within businesses, and link these processes with tools such as Skype for Business and SharePoint to assist companies with file sharing and information dissemination. In addition to these capabilities, intelligence tools such as Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI can be added to support organisations in analysing data, trends and gaps in the market, and to enable proactivity when it comes to undercutting the competition.

Modular in nature to build as organisations grow

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business is modular, businesses can pick and choose the apps and tools they need. They then have the opportunity to add more capabilities to match their changing requirements. The advantage of this is that organisations are not paying for apps they’re not using, and can keep ahead in competitive marketplaces with the comfort of knowing that new apps and services can be added on request.

Licences selected based on role type

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business comes with two types of licence, which enables businesses to restrict or enable access to the platform at different role levels. This supports organisations in controlling access for those that need it, while promoting cost savings by only buying the licence types required.

The 2 types of users are:

  1. Light user: useful for data analysis or report producing roles, or for those that work in data entry
  2. Full user: there are two ways in which these licenses can be purchased. The first is through apps, where organisations can buy apps based on role type – for example, for finance or sales. The second is via a plan-based solution, where businesses can buy single licences to suit roles. This can offer costs savings through purchasing the applications in one subscription.

The release of each type of app (sales, marketing and financial) is at public preview stage. Once this stage is complete, they will be available for purchase.

Using the financial app as an example, the types of functionality offered for various user types are:

The Light User:

  • Managing personal data
  • Approve workflows
  • Develop requisitions and quotes
  • Open across all 365 apps
  • Update existing data entries
  • Use PowerApps

The Full User - further editing capabilities including:

  • Stock management
  • Purchase and payables
  • Financial management
  • Sales and receivables

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business ultimately positions organisations to be ready and supported for potential growth. The platform gives organisations the freedom to reinvent processes in real-time. Intuitive and easy to use interfaces enable users to feel confident in changing along with companies, without the need for IT input. The solution is designed so that businesses can alter their business model with an adaptable yet dependable platform.

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